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unveil 2 what I would like answered

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215 epa mileage on std battery is what at 70mph at 70 degrees? This would be true mileage.
Is the glass under warranty for 8 yrs. Mighty expensive to replace. How durable is that glass?
What will the battery options be?
Will full autopilot be std? no added fees/ no activation fees.
Will sc be free for all model 3? No added fees /no activation fees.
Would like to see the new interior-steering wheel/hud/etc.
Would like to know if hatchback is an option? (next model?)
More colors available?
Will there be packages? Entry/mid/performance? Get small discount on bundling. This would speed up production dramatically.
Will there be a spare tire-would rather have that than a front trunk.

If anyone would like to add please comment below.
This would be a great thread for Tesla to review.


  • I'm reluctant to put any constraints on Tesla at this stage. Other than perhaps to support your glass point. I hope it is toughened glass such that it can resist cracking from small stones (I don't think a warranty would cover that).
    I just want Tesla to concentrate on Schedule and quality until it has eaten into the backlog.
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    <em>The meaning of life</em>
    That's easy, 42. Next question?
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    Unveil 2 won't happen til right before production(ish). So, you can expect all to be answered. You should also expect to open your wallet if you want the goodies. Most desired options like AP & SC will be included on every Model 3. Activation will be extra. Check out how quickly you can option out a base Model S if you want a better idea. This will not be a bargain basement Kia. But, if you want to feel better go check out a BMW 3 series and watch how easily you can add $20k in options
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    Well, the answers to 3 of your questions are already known.

    Glass warranty? What car ever has ever had glass warranty?
    No, full AP won't be standard, but the safety features will be.
    No, the Model ≡ will not be a hatchback. Elon Tweeted as such.

    Spare tire, I suspect not. Spare tires add weight and take up room.
    Supercharging, there surely will be some type of fee, like it was for the S60's
    Range, I am certain that that is based on the same parameters as it is with the MS and MX.
    More colors than the ones available now for the S and X, I am going to guess no. It is cheaper/faster to offer the same colors. This way they could have a MS, MX and M≡ all at the same time getting painted the same Silver, Black, etc.
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    @ Jordan - since you're such a know it all-what's your question?
    I don't believe 1/2 your answers. It solely based on interpretation and not fact.
    You didn't see that mdl might come in 2 flavors-you ignored that.
    I don't want glass if it's not under warranty. Estimated cost to replace it is 3000.00. No thanks. usaa quote
    Don't care about weight-do care about being stranded. Give me a spare please. Taking 10m off my charge distance-I'll take the tire! Full AP I suspect will be full version for all-especially those who preordered before unveil.
    So I don't believe you at all.
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    Good lord.
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    Well, for starters the issue with AP and hatchback is not my interpretation. Elon said at the reveal and it said on the Model ≡ page that the safety feature aspect of the AP system would be standard.

    I don't know what "mdl" is for it to come in 2 flavors for me to then ignore it....

    I too have USAA and I don't know exactly how USAA give you a quote for something that hasn't been built. Besides, they are not in the glass repair business. Now if there were some historical data that could go by, sure there estimate would possibly be correct. However, the car doesn't exist yet. Also, it is safety glass. It is absolutely no different than what is on the roof of any MS or MX. None of us demanded a warranty for our Pano roofs.

    Spare tire, are you aware that more and more cars don't come with spares. This is not a Tesla specific thing.

    Full AP, again not my interpretation, but it was said during the reveal and it is on the website, that Full AP will be available (option), but the safety aspects like emergency brake will be standard.

    You don't have to believe me one bit. Watch the reveal again and go to the Model ≡ page and you will find some of your answers.

    BTW, last few items I wrote above, after the hatchback, were not portrayed as being fact.
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    Calling Mclary

    Still Grinning ;-)
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    The have asked their vendor for a quote on a model 3 full glass over the roof - He said it is a very good rough guess. Glass that big has a tendency to break on delivery so they would double estimate it to stay on the safe side.

    Elon tweeted that pre-unveil-store line orders would be fulfilled first by region. West, North, South, East in that order. My estimates are 50k to each region then back to West and start all over again.

    As for autopilot-all it says is the car will have the hardware on their site. So you're wrong there. No mention of how much or all will be standard/enabled same for SC hardware no mention of if it will be enabled or standard.

    I'm not trying to quarrel with you but just am looking at all the facts.
    Elon is quoted as saying " all cars will come with SC standard" That means to me no additional charges to activate it. But the screen said SC hardware-sort of mixed message. According to telsamotorsclub-SC is free or comes with the model 3 and Autopilot will come std as well. Now maybe they're wrong, but these guys are close to the tesla salesmen and company.
    See tesla motors club forum for more info as to who is actually right?! I believe the club more than I believe this forum. I'm a member of both.
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    @jordanrichard +1
    The only piece you missed is Elon's tweet about including "Matte Black" in production bc. it was so popular. Not a certainty, but sounds like they'll see if they can get it done.
    Also, Elon said in the Unveiling that 215 miles is EPA range. So I would expect it to be the new five-cycle number. That means 65 MPH in flat, temperate environment would be higher. Elon also hoped they would exceed this target.
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    DD, You are dead wrong that according to TMC, SC will be free. It is a very debated topic in a very long thread that is pages and pages of pure speculation. There will not be a definitive answer until Tesla announces it. Which they have not done. Part of this speculation is Elon's fault, that his off the cuff speech did not match the words printed on the screen behind him, which has led to people like you making false assumptions. Which again, has been debated ad nauseum on TMC.

    Refer again to the unveil where, straight from Elon's mouth, he said "autopilot safety features will be standard."

    That is NOT THE SAME THING as "all autopilot will be standard." It means the SAFETY FEATURES will be standard, but the CONVENIENCE FEATURES will be optional. Just as they currently are on the S/X. But since you will not believe what Elon said at the unveil, and you ignore that explanation that has been given both here and at TMC,you will have to wait for part 2 so you can again dispute what has already been said.
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    Note, glass roof is going to be an option. If you are worried about the price to repair, don't get it. Other than that, I think Jordan has your answers.
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    Roger MP. See TMC for latest posts. They asked salesmen and they said it would be free SC.
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    Please provide a link. I have read all TMC posts regarding Model 3 supercharging and definitely did not come up with that conclusion.
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    Jeffrey R, ya I forgot about the matte black.

    dd.miscol you will notice that I did not comment as fact about the whole supercharger issue. My remark was based on my 2 years of ownership and knowing the history of how the supercharger access was handled from the early days which really was just over 2 year ago.

    AP, watch the video of the reveal again. What Elon said matches what was on the screen, unlike as you correctly pointed, the whole SC issue. Auto park, auto steer and auto lane changing are AP driving aids. That is not what I am talking about, nor is it what Elon said in the reveal, will be standard. It is the safety feature aspects of the AP system that are standard, because they are safety related.

    I agree with you and argued in the other threads on SC that Elon said "standard" which means at no additional cost. However on the screen it said capable. Actually if you go to the M≡ page, they changed it again. It originally match what was on the screen "Supercharging capable". Now it just says "Supercharging". So the intrigue continues on that matter.

    Also BTW, TMC is not a physical club, it is just another Tesla centric forum.
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    And by the way...what a salesman says is also not definitive. Because they don't know. Because it hasn't been announced by Tesla. He might be guessing, or assuming, or speculating. Just because one salesman said it, doesnt make it true. When it is announced, it will be covered by every news outlet that covers tesla, since it is such a big question. You aren't going to get the inside scoop from some random salesperson.
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    DD, don't worry, you are right. Everything will come with the car, and I heard a lifetime warranty on the glass. And everyone who pre-ordered will be getting a free battery upgrade with dual motors as well as a seat on the next space-x launch. Woo Hoo.
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    mp1156 has it right - don't trust the salesmen. Just because they work for Tesla doesn't necessarily mean that they know more than anyone else at this point. I spoke to a salesman at my local store the day before the reveal and was told they would not be opening until 1PM local time on the 31st. He was, of course, wrong.
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    I have a model S Jordan. I know about the past. I speculated myself with 400k orders that he would give it away for free knowing 14billion is coming in. It would be a nice gesture like saying thank you.
    @kzod you're just being a jerk. I reported you. I'm just trying to find facts and not a wise guy like you-I'm probably twice as smart as you anyways.

    This post is getting away from what I intended. So, I'll stop here. KZod-you'll probably be banished.
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    " According to telsamotorsclub-SC is free or comes with the model 3 and Autopilot will come std as well. Now maybe they're wrong, but these guys are close to the tesla salesmen and company.
    See tesla motors club forum for more info as to who is actually right?! I believe the club more than I believe this forum. I'm a member of both."
    Posting on this forum and declaring that TMC is more credible is actually, incredible!
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    <em>I believe the club more than I believe this forum</em>
    You do know that both of them are on the internet right?Unless you are looking at an official manufactures site I'd take it all with a fairly large grain of salt. Except this post, you can believe this post ....
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    LOL @dsvick. Exactly. ;)
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    dd if you are merely trying to get official facts, why then are you asking these questions here? Also if facts and nothing but the facts are what you are after, then you would have waited until Tesla released the price of the glass roof, versus getting a guestimate from USAA which in turn got it from a vendor, who themselves was guessing.....
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    [FLOCK]. Mollom is the worst.
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