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    This is a nice article on camping mode:

    This really brings back memories. Back in 1972 when I got my Chevrolet Vega, GM sold two tent extensions for the car.

    <img src="; />
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    We now have it.
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    Would agree that a single function on the screen would be nice for camping mode. Why sleep in a car?..don't own or want a tent, camper, or RV, but would still like to get out into the forest for a night or two. Getting older, it would be nice and easier to take my young grandson camping in the car. It all depends on what each person needs or wants. Like a bird eating sh*^ on the street, "everybody to their own tastes."
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    Does the camping mode include a dark sky option?
    At star parties, you must not have car lights on, inside or out, including when opening doors.
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    I think showers would be a good idea, Along with lower charge rate HPWC chargers for people needing a few hours sleep and not wanting to possibly incur idle charges, Vending machines, and quick food services.
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    I actually camp and would pay extra for the following:

    1) Ability to turn off all lighting even when opening or closing car, playing media, or any other non-moving functions.

    2) Ability to leave car for 7 days in the wild (Wild = 30 miles from phone, electric, or humans). I would assume this would require a wind or solar generator sold separately.

    3) Provide a 110 plug and the ability to use it down to 10% of battery. Ability to use all energy after verification.

    4) SOS mode. Ability to contact car using walkie talkie and car bridge communication if it has signal. If not, car can be set to ping SOS and play recorded message when requested. I wonder if my phone can contact my car with no LTE signal and outside of Bluetooth range?

    5) Ability to use camera and mic on car to verify car is safe or even record the things that happen at campsite. Make sure there is a reminder to erase things that happen at campsite.

    I DO NOT need the ability to sleep in the car. Although...I wonder if I and an air matrmattress would fit? A bed roll would.
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    " 2 quart empty bottle"

    Spoken like a man who has learned that 1 quart sometimes isn't quite enough!!!
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    Here's my road trip sleeping setup for the Model S - what you can't see is the triangular wedge under the mattress that smoothes out the transition between the back seats and the cargo area:

    For Model X, I can sleep in the space between the rear seats in a 6 seater:

    I built a center console level with the rear cargo area:[email protected]/37983600612/in/dateposted-public/

    Probably should post this on the X forums. Now that we have HVAC all night, Tesla camping is going to be a big thing.
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    Very cool. Now where is the gun rack and the handles to tie the buck for the drive home? :)
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    Bumping this thread because despite Musk's statements two years ago the firmware prevents true camping. com
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    Im wondering if it detects that the seatbelt is undone and that their is no weight on the driver seat. Someone mentioned that not having their seatbelt on and lifting their butt prevented the car from going into reverse.
    If you put the car in park to get out to open a garage door or pull up to the front of a Home Depot and get out to load the trunk with ten bags of mulch does it automatically shut the car off after a certaint amount of time?
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    I don’t have my Model 3 yet, but every Tesla I’ve ever driven automatically shifts into park if it doesn’t detect someone sitting in the driver’s seat. I imagine the 3 is the same. If you get out of the car, it will likely automatically shift to park.

    I don’t know what you mean by “shut the car off.” The idea of “on” vs “off” is moot in an electric vehicle, since there is no engine.
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    I don't understand why Tesla doesn't create a dedicated camping button. It's one of those annoyances where they acknowledge people are using the car a certain way, even sell it with this application in mind, and then proceed to make it difficult to do.
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    If there is something stopping me from throwing a tent, air mattress, and a few days of marshmellows into my car, then i would agree that Model 3 cannot go camping. Otherwise, the above is void, and i'll be going camping this summer in my M3.
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    I think at some point we’ll be seeing user macros to let people combine various functions (such as turn off all the lights) into one command, which could then be assigned to a voice command and/or software button.
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    I bought a camping mattress from REI. It fits perfectly if you fold down the rear drivers-side back seat. My 6'6" friend fit perfectly.
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    MarylandS85 What I meant by shutting the car off means How do you shut off the accessories. In a regular car if you leave the wipers, ac fan, rear defroster grid and in some cases, the radio turned on and turn the car off with the key, it shuts all these things down. How do you do it in a model3? If it stops everything when you get out of the car then how could you do things like leaving the car running so the wipers are on when there is freezing rain and you have to get out of your car to open a garage door if you dont have a garage door opener or go to the end of your driveway or road to go to your community type mailboxes if you live in a newer condo complex.
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    In the S you just put it in neutral with the Ebrake on.
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