Which Colo Dept of Revenue forum used for 2015 tax credit

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What tax form was used in order to get the Colo. Tax credit? I had H&R do my taxes this year and I don't think they had ever filed an EV credit before. I'm going back there tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful they know what to do. They filled out a DR0617 form (Innovative Motor Vehicle and Innovative Truck Credits) and submitted that form along with the Purchase Agreement from Tesla. Today I got a letter form the state stating that the credit had been disallowed. They want Form104CR (Individual Credit Schedule), a copy of the bill of sale (which I supplied) and a copy of my Colo. registration (which I have but didn't submit). Looking over the form 104CR,the only place that looks like I could enter the $6000 credit is for "Refundable Renewable Energy Tax Credit", which states it is from line 88 of Form DR1366 (2015 Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule). (aargh)

I feel I'm going down a rabbit hole. I'm sure someone out there got their state tax credit. I had no problem with the Fed credit. Any assistance would be helpful.

Cheers, Mark


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    I filed with TurboTax and am still waiting on state. TurboTax used DR0617 as well. I was not told to submit a copy of my registration. Only the bill of sale and DR0617.
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    The instructions for the form on CO DR web site says include the registration and bill of sale.
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    Thanks Barry,
    I printed the DR0617 form and clearly it states "You must submit the completed form DR0617, along with copies of the vehicle registration and vehicl invoice, purchase agreement, or lease agreement with the income ta form (Form 104, Form 112, etc) on which you are claiming the credit."

    So I guess I'll have to call the CO DR to find out why they are asking for a totally different form.
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    Filing a 104CR doesn't make any sense for the car credit. Someone at DR HQ needs a refresher course :-)

    On an unrelated note, I just ordered some stuff on, and it appears they started charging sales tax since my last order with them. Calculates out to about 5.5%, which is about mid-way between the 2.9% state tax rate and my total local sales tax.
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    An update:
    I actually spoke with a real person at DR and she said that the letter was in error. Since H&R Block didn't complete part 2 of the DR0617 form (because they thought that was only for hybrids), it was assumed by DR that I needed the 104CR form. So the DR0617 form is the correct form, but make sure part 2 is filled out and supporting documentation is provided (car registration and purchase agreements)

    Yes - bummer! Amazon started charging state sales tax on Feb 1.
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    @sm4llz - I filed with TaxAct - Also still waiting to get paid state. This has been 4+ weeks. Hoping to get soon.
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    Another update:
    After meeting this morning with a Dept of Rev. agent who went through my revisions said there was a problem, that the State (computer?) system didn't have any record of the P90D model yet. I guess the base price (prior to any options) I entered didn't match what they showed for whatever model their system showed. The supervisor came out and asked general questions an ICE driver would ask (is it that fast; how far can you go on a single charge, etc). I answered all his questions and he said they were going to override the system and approve my rebate. They could not say whether the refund will be electric transfer or check, but it should take 3-7 weeks.
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