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I wanted to ask for some advise. I currently have taken my Tesla from the UK to my home in Portugal and the trip was an experience which I am currently creating a blog to document in detail. The biggest single issue was charging and I "JUST" made it. If anyone is interested in reading all about it, I will include a link when ready.

Anyway I am no longer making the same mistake and wanted to ask, can anyone tell me is access to the endesa network possible for anyone? Can you order a card and maybe use it on a Pay as you go basis? I have checked out the web site and its even less clear.

Can anyone provide advsie? I am already a member of IBIL though this has more issues than anything else and will also be covered in my blog.




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    I believe the Paradores hotel network have charging facilities in most of their locations. It is not high-powered ones, but it can make a difference. Plus they are all over the place in Spain.
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    Hello Paul,

    looking forward to your blog as I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal this summer. Keep us posted!
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    Hi Paul,
    Really sorry we are not up to speed in Spain for providing charging facilities. Still, you may find good info on available charging points at

    Hope it helps.
    F Javier Fernandez
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    Hello Paul, next wednesday (27th of July) I am leaving from Belgium to my house in Portugal. I'm driving a Model S 90D. As you will know there are no problems in France, SuC lead you all the way up to the spanish border.
    Indeed after that it get's more tricky. My house is in Alto Minho, near to V.N. de Cerveira way op North Portugal near the spanish border and Vigo. No SuC to be found here. There is the Ibil-card system which allows you to charge at several points in Northern Spain at good speed (Chademo). My problem was (or is) I didn't have the card, which takes about 3 weeks to arrive. Through the Electromaps website (very useful) I saw that some Nissan cardealers have a chademo charging point for their clients. I made a few calls (my spanish is rather good) and am allowed to charge free of cost in Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela. They were very friendly and also very curious to see a Tesla... In Portugal the loading points are scarce, I would suggest to apply for the Mobi-E card. At this moment they are putting about 50 Chademo loading points. The ones they have now are slow, but all of them, also the future Chademo's are free of charge. You do need to give your nr. de contribuinte, but I guess that won't be a problem. Otherwise there only are some shopping malls, Ikea outlets...
  • We're just back from our pan-European tour in our model S (see our FB page for daily ride reports )

    Spain wasn't much a problem, 22 days driving around. As mention, the paradores are great and many have destination chargers (but avoid the Cardona one). In fact, many hotels have destination chargers, and at times if a Supercharger was not around I'd ask the hotel if I could use their charger for a couple of hours, and so far, never a problem (not many Tesla use the chargers at this moment, or maybe it's because of season).

    I was told by Tesla (Lisbon of all places), that several of the gas stations along the motorways in Spain have fast chargers, and either accept that you pay at the desk with credit card or cash. Haven't tried them, but I did see many gas station with chargers there.
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    that's a great idea to charge on the checkout, I once was in Austria spent about half an hour scanning QR codes and trying to access and register on the website/app with no luck (it was a BMW owned Type 2 charger)
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