Autopilot enabled in < 5 hours

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I received my 85D this past November and am one of the few that chose to not have it enabled at the time of delivery. While hoping I'd receive a message for a free 30 day trial my dreams have been crushed and rather than go out to my car each morning hoping to see the trial message, I've decided that Elon deserves more of my money.

I'll have my car at the SC today at 2pm MST to have autopilot turned on! Any advise for a new autopilot driver?

My wife doesn't know I'm doing this yet and tomorrow we're going to the airport to pick up her best friend for a weekend visit. I'm thinking I'll turn on the song "Jesus take the wheel", enable autopilot, and relax into my seat. My friend will be in the back taking video to gauge her reaction.


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    Hopefully you're get the Easter Egg (rainbow road + SNL's cowbell). Pull the cruise control stalk towards you 4 times real fast).

    I'd just engage the AP and see how long it takes the missus to notice you're not steering.,,
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