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Will Model X garner accolades from Auto / CR reviewers?

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Assumimg the early kinks are worked out, do you think the Model X will capture the attention and start gathering up top awards like the Model S did?


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    Yes, it should, if Tesla properly addresses the issues of the rearview cameras, remove the windshield turd by placing that equipment where it belongs, and explain the rationale of their choice to do away with the flat-fold feature of the 2nd row seats.
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    I meant: ..., removes ... , and explains ...
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    @David N No. It should, but it won't because the part of the reason the S got it was the "wow" factor of an EV performing so well. That's now expected from the X. Also, I don't think they'll be able to get away from Tesla reliability shadow, even though I think that data is bad.

    Finally, CR will pick apart the FWDs and say they're useless, second row seats don't fold, etc. Call me a pessimist, but CR has been pretty negative on TM as of late.
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    CR will not do that anymore. It gave SP85D a score of 103 and caused a mini-revolt from ICE and fossil fuel lovers. Just read feedback CR got when that review first came out. CR has learned the lesson. It NEEDS those subscribers.
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    CR was very positive on the Model S. Then they failed to add it to the recommended list. The next piece they did on the Model S after that was extremely positive. They didn't sour on the Model S so much as end up with data that they had to use according to their own rules. It raised the question as to whether it makes sense not to recommend the car that customers would likely be the most satisfied with. It's true that a fraction of the number of problems in another car have made me stay away from a company permanently, because it's not the raw number of problems but the impact they have on you that counts.

    The mere fact that I didn't have to stand around waiting for an oil change or tire rotation meant less of an inconvenience, and the fact that I could get non-critical problems fixed at the same time as something else, such as a tire rotation, meant no extra visits for many problems.
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    Haggy: +21, yet again!
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    After picking up our X, there is no way it doesn't win awards. There isn't another SUV/CUV on the planet that can come close to the X's low center of gravity and handling. Add the smooth, instant acceleration, and from a driving/performance perspective, it is twice as good as the best SUV from Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.
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    Don't think it's that important anymore. Tesla brand is strong, as long as Tesla keeps the loyalty of its customers. After all, Apple and BMW doesn't have to give a dime about what CR has to say
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    I agree with @mbb. Young folks know the Tesla brand and want a Tesla, not a car. Let CR promote the deadend ICE cars for their "reliability" while poisoning the environment and destabilizing world peace . There will be plenty of people who appreciate the benefits of a long haul EV with instant torque and fantastic driving performance and those awesome, amazing doors.
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