My X is ready for pick-up

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My wife just got the call that she can pick it up tomorrow in Denver.

Problem is, that Ben at the SC forgot to give us a call to let us know is was on the way to Denver, so we now have to try to get the cash ready ASAP ;-)

I think if we are lucky, maybe Saturday pickup or early next week at the latest.

I am going out of my mind now that I am sooooooo close.

Will post pictures as I get them from the wife. (No pictures = no X)


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    I paid for my MS with a personal check about a year ago. Don't know if that policy has changed.
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    I wired the the money 1-2 business days before pickup.

    Congratulations! I remember that feeling.
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    Hey, I'm not seeing photos here yet....... ;)
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    My wife is set to pick it up on May 5 10 am,
    I can't wait for the pictures myself.

    Will try to post as soon as I get them.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen...
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