May Denver Tesla Gathering

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Our next Denver Tesla gathering is Saturday, May 14, 10:00 am, same location (Panera Bread at 2466 S Colorado Blvd). We have had great turnouts at the last two gatherings in March and April, and we hope to continue this through the spring and summer.

Topics include: We have a blog! Well, we have a site, and it should be up and running this week. But don't tell Wilson! Also, Custer, upcoming car events, X deliveries, and the Tesla Owners events at Park Meadows.

Email me if you have questions.

[email protected]


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    I will be at a family event on that appears that the Tesla Force (yes, there is one) is keeping me from the Denver meetings. And knowing the Denver group blog address. I am destined to be in a backwater town forever it seems...
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    Sound link fun, are Wyoming Tesla owners welcome?
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    I'm sure Wyoming-ers are welcome. They'd be even MORE welcome to the Colorado Springs EV Club, but we in the south understand how convenient Denver is to the Wyoming/Canadian area. We in the tropical area of Colorado welcome our Arctic Tesla neighbors!
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    pox, of course. Come on down!

    Not you, wilson. :)
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