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13 Year Old Creates Free Energy, and it works

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13 Year Old Channels Nikola Tesla, Creates Free Energy
May 22nd, 2016 by Steve Hanley

Can a teenager teach the world how to run on free energy? Max Loughan is not your typical 13 year old. The Nevada native isn’t making yet another volcano for his middle school science fair. Instead, he has turned the boiler room in his parents’ home into a laboratory, where he invents things.
Max Loughan harvest free energy from the atmosphere

Max’s latest invention uses many of the principles posited by Nikola Tesla 75 years ago to harvest free energy from the atmosphere. Tesla Motors was named in his honor. Loughan’s invention uses an old coffee can, some coils of wire and a spoon. It makes enough energy to light a string of LED lights wrapped around his twin brother Jack, much to the astonishment of a film crew from TV station KTVN in Reno.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” Max says, as he speaks to the film crew wearing a while lab coat over a Nikola Tesla T shirt. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future. My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.”

Do you remember the movie Apollo 13? At one point, a roomful of very smart people from NASA are arguing about how to get the crippled spacecraft and the three astronauts inside back to Earth safely. Then one fellow walks in and says, “Fellas, it’s all about power.” Without it, the ship won’t be able to navigate or land without burning up in the atmosphere.

What young Max sees that most people do not is that here on Earth, it’s all about power, too. Fossil fuels have allowed mankind to build cities and travel great distances, but at the expense of destroying our environment. Nikola Tesla postulated about ways to make electricity without burning fossil fuels decades ago. Most found his ideas quaint, amusing, even interesting. But he was too far ahead of his time. He was dismissed by the scientific community as a quack and a charlatan. Now his theories are coming to fruition in the basement of a ranch house in Nevada.

Max Loughan’s invention looks something like a Tesla coil and operates on many of the same principles described by the electric energy visionary. The device is rather simple. It harvests electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere, then converts it to direct current which can be used to power electrical devices. Max says his electrical harvester gets its power from radio waves and from both thermal and static energy. Max spent less than $15 for the materials needed to make his device.

Max is currently (no pun intended) taking online courses at MIT, where he hopes to continue his studies once he conquers the rigors of high school. Watch out, Elon Musk!

Source: Waking Times


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    13-year-old rediscovers principle that old-style "crystal radio" sets were built on 75 years ago. Ignorant media, and Phi, swoon.

    You can <a here="">buy toys that do this exact thing</a>, you stupid, ignorant, credulous fool.

    (Hey, guess what? There's not much energy in ambient EM radiation...)
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    I give it two weeks before the first thread suggests to run the car with "regrowable energy" (potatoes and lemons).
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    Obviously it is not free energy because to muster up the electricity to light up a string of LEDs cost $15. No, scale that up to something more useful and I will venture to guess the cost of materials will go up as will.
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    Dramsey, you are a fool...I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING...I´M THE MESSENGER....or if you like, the reporter.
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    No phi. You are credulously reporting a non-story in your consistent string of excitement over 'free energy' schemes.
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    @DTsea, +1
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    U can also heat your home all you need is a barrel of sand and two wires plugged into an outlet. Thank u utube. Also there is this simple trick that the government...........
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    Having served as Minister of Defense for Canada, Paul Hellyer (who obtained a degree in aeronautical engineering and an air pilot’s license) gives credible testimony, as do the Astronauts, and other Military and Government employees (some with top security clearances) who appear in the SiriusDisclosure / witness-testimony videos which describe sustainable clean energy devices.
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    Elaisa, it doesn't matter how many raving lunatics-- a category Mr. Hellyer falls into-- give "credible testimony" about alien free energy sources. They still don't exist. They didn't exist 50 years ago when morons starting hawking them to the idiotic, and they don't exist now.
  • Dramsey, you are 100% correct! The Sun and stars will continue to revolve around the Earth despite credible observations to the contrary.
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    Elaisa: "witness-testimony videos which describe sustainable clean energy devices"

    Great! witness testimony is one thing. Actual showing a working model is quite another. When will a working model be shown or available for market?
    You know, something *usable*?
  • Re: Q: "When will a working model be shown or available for market?"

    A: When a large enough segment of the public proves they want badly enough to see it by adequately funding the effort.
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    Ha ha! Yes, that's right, sheeple! All you have to do is <em>prove you want free energy badly enough</em>. And how do you do this? <strong>By giving these charlatans money.</strong>.

    i laugh, but some people do. I don't understand why because there are thousands of web sites and YouTube videos that show you exactly how to build your own free energy generator.
  • Any reasonable person who sufficiently examines the evidence will conclude the energy sources are real and viable, and in fact currently being used. Dramsey, I will assume you are a reasonable person, so you must have not adequately examined the evidence.
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    I'm enough of a reasonable person to not take seriously any web site featuring a fake alien corpse on its front page.

    Any reasonable person, huh? I guess Elon Musk isn't a reasonable person, because he thinks free energy schemes are crap.

    As would any person who made it through a high-school physics course.

    So, why aren't we awash in free energy? What the hell, I'll read the section on free energy. Ah, I see: a <em>massive government cover-up has for decades kept this technology secret.</em>

    Jesus H. Christ. I mean, seriously. I especially like the part how you obviously believe that all the web sites and YouTube videos purporting to show how to build free energy machines are fakes, but this one...<em>this</em> site, out of the tens of thousands, is real. I cannot but react with awe considering the amount of research you must have had to do to ferret out this diamond among the dung.

    No, I jape. Actually, I'll believe you're an ignorant, credulous fool who doesn't know a thing about science, engineering, or electricity. Every Tesla owner here thinks you're an idiot. <em>Every single one of us.</em> Please go away.
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    Ah yes, evidence collected and provided by the same people that want your money. Totally trustworthy and reliable. Unless you start to google for it and ignore results from loony toon conspiracy sites...
  • Dr. Garry Nolan (Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine) examined the body and determined it is not fake. It is six years old, 91% humanoid, 9% unknown.
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    Let’s please get back on topic. I do understand electromagnetics and thermodynamics as they were taught in university. I also understand the principles of the scientific method of investigation.
    Theories are our attempts to understand observations. Theories which we describe as Laws, are well tested theories. Observations determine whether a Law or Theory is accurate, or must be altered. The observational evidence is overwhelming that there are craft which we did not originate, that are powered by an energy source that will be extremely beneficial to humanity once it becomes widely available.
    Be skeptical. I was a big skeptic for the first five years of my research. However, the evidence is overwhelming. Please don’t take my word for it. Here is a list of widely respected, well known people and their views on the subject.
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    I think the Gordian Knot presents a good view on this topic. So a government cover-up is suppressing this, huh? Electric companies are private entities, and they REALLY like making money, like desperately so. If they could buy one of these perpetual fantasy energy machines, they would not have to mine or buy coal, natural gas, or any other kind of fuel to generate the electricity they sell. Their costs would go to almost 0, and profits would be nearly infinite. If that really existed, they would have it and be diving into swimming pools full of money. So no, it's not real.
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    You don't understand! The aliens and brilliant scientists with the free energy machines have a master plan. They keep themselves and their technology secret... by revealing themselves only to... COMPLETE IDIOTS !!!
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    And your " complete idiots theory" is proven by the OP being one in the same.

    Continued posting of non existent whatever.

    The OP needs to leave mommies basement, smell the fresh air, maybe talk to a actual person face to face.

    But, that will not happen. Just more dribble. After awhile it is not funny.
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    <em><strong>Please don’t take my word for it. Here is a list of widely respected, well known people and their views on the subject.</strong></em>

    These are people speculating about the possibility of life on other planets, not free energy. Have we wandered off topic? In any case...there is still no evidence presented. Heck, one of the quote is from Jimmy Carter, who swears that when he becomes President, he will release every iota of information the government has on ET and flying saucers et al.

    If he did, I must have missed it. You can believe whatever you want, but I don't see how this is even vaguely related to Tesla.
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    For those with too much time on their hands, details on the "starchild skull" <a href="">here.</a&gt;

    Executive summary: it's human. Shock!
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    Timothy: "adequately funding the effort"

    But, I thought the energy was "free"!? What needs to be paid for? Build one and power a house. Build a bigger one and power a building. Build a bunch of 'em and power a campus. If it *really* works, it can't be that hard to monetize the effort.
    Unfortunately, "adequately funding" the effort before being shown a working prototype truly feels like "scam" and "stay as far away as possible" to me.
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