Drive in Central Wisconsin Parades

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I'm looking for one or more Tesla owners to drive their car in one or more parades in Central Wisconsin. These are the dates:

7/2 - Manawa Rodeo Parade
7/4 - Waupaca Hometown Parade
7/23 - Wild Rose Days Party on the Pond Parade
7/31 - Union Thresheree Parade
8/6 - Scandinavia Corn Roast Parade
9/4 - Big Falls Corn Roast Parade
9/5 - Redgranite Labor Days Parade
9/17 - Readfield Caledonia Fest Parade
9/17 - Wegauwega Horse Buggy Days Parade

I'm running for State Assembly as a Progressive/Democrat who wants to move our state forward on renewable energy and electric vehicles. Having a Tesla in our group would make a statement and attract lots of interest.

Dmitri Martin
[email protected]


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