Anyone know how to replace the cabin blower in a 2.5?

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Anyone have any advice on how to repair or replace the cabin blower?

I've checked the fuses and they are good, there is no error indication on the display. When I turn the cabin fan on, there is nothing. But when I turn the AC on, the compressor spins up for about 20-30 seconds then shuts down (probably detects the pressure buildup because no air is moving across the coils). I've tried to look for the blower connector to see if power is getting to the motor, but I can't find the harness. I see the harness to the radiator fans, and they do come on. And there is a dangling, unconnected, two wire harness directly under the brake fluid reservoir. But it is so short, I can't see that it reaches anything. Another "wire to nowhere" as far as I can tell.

I called for service. That didn't go well.
In typical fashion for the company, I'm told the nearest appointment is THREE WEEKS out. It appears something (new car delivery...?) is more important than supporting roadster owners... Where I live, you don't drive without AC in July. (I doubt this is coming from the local service center. The young lady is trying to see if she can move it up. But seriously?? 3 weeks to get in for a repair?)

My Accura and Toyota can be fixed in an afternoon. And they've had less breakdowns, at three times the age and mileage.

More problems in what has been a very bad car experience for the past 5 years.



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    Do you mind an overview of mechanical issues over last 5 years? I have been considering a Roadster, but I am 400 miles from nearest Tesla service center and I don't even have tools to work on cars let alone fix a car. Any help is greatly appreciated, even to my email - [email protected]
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    Well, lets put it this way... I'm probably not a good person to ask, considering the number of issues I've had. But if you are 400 miles away, they come to you for service with the mobile ranger trailer. And supposed to be at no extra charge.

    Just off the top of my memory:
    A/C charge was low - warranty
    Dash Board Rattles - after at least 5 tries, never fixed... I managed to fix it myself (rock solid now)
    Tire Pressure sensor - warranty
    Radio power Amplifier - bad design, replaced with a custom version that has no noise compensation, Warranty
    Tire Pressure monitor unit - warranty
    Some undefined control unit - warranty
    Aux Battery - four times, two were warranty, two I did myself
    Steering column lock is stiff, like the lubricant is gummed up - in and out of warranty, never fixed satisfactorily
    Tire Pressure sensors - out of warranty
    Now the cabin blower - out of warranty
    Bizarre error: "Communication Failure" prevented the car from operating for an hour. - out of warranty, but service never found anything wrong
    Buttons on the keys unreliable - in and out of warranty, never fixed, I finally took the keys apart and fixed them myself last week... I was so proud of myself, but now I can't use the car (not in Texas heat without AC).

    Well, this is just me. I've seen postings on blogs of people who have had no issues, and people who have had more problems than me (one guy said his blower was replaced three times... but his was all warranty)
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    @Scotty2541 you might want to post your request on TMC...

    More self-maintaining/technical Roadster and ex-Roadster owners there.

    I've had PEM replaced 3 times, all under warranty. Very expensive outside of warranty and I live in Southern California about 20 miles from the Roadster Service Center. (out of warranty (CPO) October this year).

    The key buttons to pop trunk is an issue with both keys for us.

    TPMS acted up once.

    Sirius disappeared once.

    Charging stopped mysteriously, but after unplugging and reseating UMC, it worked again.
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