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Hi All,
This is to anyone living in the North Shore and driving down Deerfield Rd to get to the Tesla Station in Highland Park.
I have recently discovered that the condition of Deerfield Rd, thanks to Deerfield not pushing the construction company to repair half the road that they finished installing new piping under and lay new asphalt, and leaving it with potholes and man made speed bumps, has caused the rim on my P85+ to become so bent that the air out of my tire rapidly decreases.
As I am sure I'm not the only one having issues with the state of Deerfield rd I am hoping that anyone who also has had any sort of issues whether it's a popped tire, a friend of mine had a rusted nail stuck in one of her tires, or any other issues to please respond.
I will be writing a letter to the City of Deerfield as they are responsible for damages and repairs caused by the state of any of their roads. Construction has been going on far too long and it is not too much to ask for when they are finished with half of the road for them to repair that half before they begin the other half.

Has anyone had any issue with driving over the traintracks to get to the Tesla Station? There are two tracks that stick up that i have popped at least three tires on in the past three years. This is also something that has to be addressed with City of Highland Park.

Hoping for responses. Also hoping that no one is having nearly as many issues with their car as me. :)



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    I live very near Deerfield rd. I avoid it like a plague. Just take half day. Also you think the city will pay for the rim?
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    I live nearby and also have avoided Deerfield Road. I noticed that it has a new layer everywhere and is about 3/4 done finally. I think they will finish it in spring. I don't know exactly which train tracks you've had an issue with but I'll keep an eye out.
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    Is Deerfield Rd still bad? We will take delivery of Model 3 in a few weeks at Highland Park Service Center. Staying in Courtyard.
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    It is not. It has been repaired and is actually quite nice.
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