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Model S Acceleration Slower as Battery Depletes...



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    @NKTA: the track aficionados say that a warm battery is best....
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    For practical purposes, it won't affect day to day driving, and isn't enough of a concern that it's in the OMC thread nor have there been regular threads about it if any at all. If you want to time things with a stopwatch, you might see a difference. If you charge each night to 90%, drive as much as typical drivers, and then continue the cycle, you might not feel a difference. If you want to take the car to a track (less likely with a 70) then it might be a concern.

    It is a concern when range is low, and the car explicitly limits the maximum power that is used. In those cases it tells you, and you are better off not trying to use launch mode when you have barely enough to make it to the next charger.
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    @NKYTA and @Stiction - I think you are both right. Li-Ion batteries discharge better at higher temperatures, but at the expense of their longevity. That's part of the reason why Tesla's temperature management is tightly regulated and at a lower temperature than that to maximize power discharge. However, you wouldn't want the battery's temperature management system usurping power to manage a hot battery, so a "cooler" battery close to "ideal" temperature is desirable.

    I believe Tesla keeps the battery close to 70 degrees, whereas higher power is reached at 80 degrees in Li-Ion battery systems.

    I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that part of the Ludicrous performance add-on also raises the temperature of the battery to allow for a more efficient electrochemical reaction, and greater power availability.
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    sbMD: yah, there's this "max battery power" button for Lud that heats it up (I'm told)
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    Thanks, @stiction. Makes sense :)
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    I just noticed that I now have a maximum power of battery is at 74 miles...something new with the software? I have a recently upgraded P85DL
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