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Tesla should offer for those who reserved on the first week or on the first month another gift appreciation to help unique and appreciate customers for their support. An engraved "name" on the dash, on the front seats, or on the model badge. Suggested "name" list provided below.

SE, Signature Edition
SE, Special Edition
First Generation
First Wave
Electric Dreamers

What do you think? Where do you think they should engrave it? Any other names? As the topic title, I am leaning more towards the first two names. SE.


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    I think an Easter Egg w/ your First Name and Last Initial w/ an icon showing this is your car w/ when/where you reserved would be cool. Like so:

    [click here to jump to this car]
    Aardvark B.
    Cat D.
    ⚜ Jeffrey R. - Santana Row, 11am

    (Only yours would have extra details)

    Also it would be nice if they had exclusive paint or wheels we could buy (still pay, but only line-waiters or 1st-dayers could get).

    Embossed chrome details similar to the Signature ones would be very nice:

    <img src="; width="100%" />

    I'd love it if those that waited in line could get a special detail, but not sure if that would be necessary. Maybe something simple like:
    "First Day"
    "March 31, 2016"
    Nice thing about the last one is there's no need to translate.
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    Actually thinking about "331 Edition" would work well too. Or simply "331" w/o edition.
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    @cchui396 - "Tesla should offer for those who reserved on the first week or on the first month another gift appreciation to help unique and appreciate customers for their support."

    Why? Why does reserving a car within a certain time period entitle anyone to anything other than a nice car? It looks like everyone that reserved is getting the design print and the thank you card, that's not enough?
    There is still the likelihood that people that waited in line will get an additional thank you. Now, you want to open it to everyone that reserved in the first month?

    An additional option that you would pay for like JeffreyR suggested would be fine, but there is no reason at all for TM to give away even more money than they already have to people that really don't need, want, or deserve it.
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    TM employees get FOUNDERS Edition of M3
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    I believe I read that there will be no special models for M3, just the options that are offered.
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    @JayInJapan wrote, "...I read that there will be no special models for M3...."

    Correct, Tesla has said there will not be a Signature Edition of the Model ≡ offered. I believe that is in response to media misquoting the price of the Model X as the Signature Edition price. It's hard to correct that type of misinformation once it is out.

    We are proposing a way for folks that stood in line (me) or reserved early (OP) to have a little something extra that would be part of the car. Elon has hinted that Line-waiters will get a toy Model ≡ (I'm thinking Matchbox, but hoping for something a little bigger).

    My Easter Egg idea would not cost too much, just some software development. But, special paint and/or wheels would have real costs. But Tesla was able to do special wheels for the referral program and Signature Red before so it is at least possible. The custom-etched chrome details would not be too difficult/expensive as Tesla would simply be modifying existing parts.

    If they had a special, only-for-early-adopters color what color would you choose? For me:

    #1 Signature Red (my wife's favorite color, red, plus her school color; I also like the association to original use case)
    #2 Matte clear coat option (like Matte Black from the reveal, but available for any "regular" color; someone posted recently its the coat that makes the difference the base layer is the same)
    #3 Navy Blue

    Here's Sig Red again from above, plus my <a href="">favorite wrap job</a> showing #2 (matte) and #3 (navy blue) combined:

    <img src="; width="50%" /><a href=""><img border="1" src="; width="50%" /></a>
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    @JefferyR; That wrap jog incredible! I like your suggestion of a "331" as an edition for pre-reveal orders. I think it would look great in the Tesla font as well.
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    @d.r.coursol +1 I know, right!?! I wish I remembered who posted about that Northwestern Auto Salon wrap. They deserve so much credit. I am sure the wrap was not cheap. I hope I can afford something similar when my Model ≡ arrives. I figure I can get white or black paint, then spend the $1000 I'm saving to reduce the cost on wrap and tint. Unless of course Tesla takes our suggestions and makes a special paint color available.
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    If there will be any special Easter Egg / paint / engraving / whatever, I'd say this should be exclusive to those nuts (like myself) who reserved before the unveil...
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    I tweeted this thread at Elon today. Not surprisingly, no response yet.

    Use the hashtag #331 when tweeting about Model ≡.

    @TomKa I hear you, but maybe that would be too exclusive. Granted there were around 115K reservations by the time the Reveal took off since that is how many Elon quoted during it.
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    Signature shades of RED, Blue, and Green would me much appreciated options at order time, I'm sure. Elon might have to go on sabbatical due to writers cramp if forced to literally sign the frame of every car off the line for the first 150,000 units or so... But a neat little plastic plaque in the frunk or a threshold insert at the driver side door would be cool. An 18:1 scale model from Maisto or somebody would be pretty friggin cool for those who waited in line.
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    These are really cool! Even for somebody who just likes to fade away in a grey car (may have to get a wrap since there's no grey in the current pallet).

    In the meantime, remembering that Twitter thread, I recalled him saying something about the 331s and found it:

    (So much for using imgur to post a pic)

    4/2/16 in reply to Aakash Thakkar

    "@Aakashhh_we will send something to everyone who ordered, but an extra gift to those who waited in some crazy long lines"

    He said "in the mail" so guessing not paint.
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    When I went in person and looked at the midnight silver looks like a grey metallic.
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    I would LOVE the smallest little detail to show that it was ordered before the unveil.

    Any kind of 331: badge, something on the center screen (eg: when you touch the T), anything really that's of nominal cost to Tesla but that differentiates our car. And reminds us how crazy we are :-P
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    @PhillyGal - Why don't you keep your finger on the "T" for 8 seconds and see what happens?
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    PG, perhaps a letter from Elon, similar to I guess the one that was used for "The Gift" to those that waited in line. Of course this would only have significance to the first owner.
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    @PhillyGal +1 crazy like a fox!

    Speaking of crazy (click to see full size, though these are pretty rough):

    <a href='' target='JAR'><img src='' border='0' alt='331-Ed-Model-3-turn-signal' width='50%' /></a><a href='' target='JAR'><img src='' border='0' alt='331-Model-3-turn-signal' width='50%' /></a>
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    @Jeffery - I am really loving the 331 badge idea. It would be so easy but very cool and maybe even at little or no cost.

    At first I was firmly in the camp of "quit whining people, you are not entitled to anything, give it a rest" - and whIle I still believe that we are not entitled to anything, this would be such a cool gesture.

    We did do something a bit crazy - I slept outside over night to reserve a car sight unseen and to give someone a free two year loan of $1K. Of course the opportunity to get the car early is well worth my effort and is all that I would expect - still your idea is fantastic

    I love that last graphic. Now I need to have it (and may have to self-etch it into my car.)
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    or perhaps "≡ ≡ 1" :-)

    Thank you kindly.
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    @topher +1
    Just brilliant. I think it would be "≡≡-" I'll have look it up.

    @mntlvr23 I hear you on just give us a great car. I will not be disappointed if we #331 folks only get a great car and a note/poster. Cool thing is we can get little wraps/covers made for our turn signals w/o any effort too. So if "all" we get is a great car, we can customize it ourselves w/o modifying the original permanently.
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    331 is a great idea, but unsure if I want to fully accept this idea, but no doubt there should be some special engraving for those who pre-order within certain timeframe.
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    @cchui396 Well March 31 is the significant date. Does not mean that folks that were merely very interested (vs. line-waiting nuts like me) would not be able to take part in the "331" edition. But you have to cut it off somewhere. I started waiting in line at 7am, but there were a bunch of people in front of me (100+). One guy was told he was not allowed to wait, and lost his *first* position because he followed the security guy's rules. I feel most sorry for him. He woke in the middle of the night, but still was not first because it was against loitering rules. He came back before he was supposed to anyways, and there were people lined up already. Not right!

    I expect we will need to make our own "331" stuff. Who knows if enough of us spread the word (and like the idea) it may catch on enough that Tesla notices. So tell a friend.
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    Press the T on my MS for 8 seconds? It's just a lowly S85 so I am unaware of any special things.
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    Or how about custom engravement on the dash or seats like what Apple did with their iPods if you order it online. Engrave whatever you want. Yes, I know, it puts more complexity, but it will be a nice / well-thought appreciation gift for first generations.
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