My Roadster saved my life!

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We just returned Saturday morning to our home in Switzerland from a three week trip to Montreal and the US.

Sunday, my eldest son wanted to participate in a friend's birthday party, so I drove him over, the friends' parents were supposed to drive him back.

It's a windy, treacherous road through a hilly forest, so I drive extra slow and careful.

Come evening, the party lasts longer than planned, my son calls and asks me to go fetch him.

Going through these curves, a car with its high beams on arrives in the opposite direction and crosses me, I got temporarily blinded.
I hit the brakes perhaps a little too hard, front wheels started skidding as I entered a left curve so I immediately released the brake pressure to regain control. Too late, the front right wheel was on the grass kerb, and next thing I know there's branches, leaves, soil, sand, pebbles flying in my face, the car rolls over, skids on the roof and flips again on its wheels.

Fabric roof got ripped away, as the front windshield, doors and front arch. Airbags deployed.

I had fallen down by 10 meters into a stream bed, 60 meters away from the road. My glasses were gone, it's pitch black save for the warning flashers, and my phone isn't to be found.

I released the seat belt, got out of the car, then heard my phone ring. After several minutes I finally located it and was able to inform my wife and call for help.

Police, ambulance, Doctor, rescue teams soon arrived.

Lots of bruises, small cuts, scratches, 4 broken ribs.

My adored Roadster Sport Signature VIN 118 is likely beyond repair- I have not seen the damage in daylight.

Had it been another car, I would not be alive today.

Thanks to the Tesla engineers who designed the Roadster to such high safety standards!


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    Really glad that you are okay.
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    So glad you are ok. God bless you. Your guardian angel was protecting you.
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    Glad to hear you are ok. Get better soon Eric.
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    Also glad you ok.
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    Good to read you are safe man!

    Take care and good recovery
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    Amazing accident happy to ear you are ok .
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    It was a close call. Police said I ended in a ravine 50 meters below the road. They look at me as

    It's coming back to me slowly, this car coming so fast at me with its bluish-white bottom light, yellowish high beams, I keep as far right as I can, barely clear his side mirror, I hit the brakes and then those trees, leaves hurtling at me...

    I'll have nightmares for a while still.
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    Police looks at me with incredulity that I'm alive and have so little bodily damage...

    Judging by my writing, looks like the brain isn't following a train of thought long enough :-)
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    So glad it turnd OK, and nobody else was hurt. Your X comes in time too . Cheers!
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    I'm very glad you are able to relate the tale. Best wishes to you and yours!
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    Out of the hospital, will be 2-3 months until I'm completely fixed.
    Good to be home!
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    So glad you lived to tell the tale. Did the other driver even stop? Sorry to hear your roadster won't make it. Heal well my friend.
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    No, the other guy just kept going. Unless he was watching his rear mirror he didn't see a thing.
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