Woo Hoo!!

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Welcome fellow nutmeggers!


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    We do EXIST!!!!!!!

    Yes, hello fellow nutmeggers.
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    Nice. About Time for this. Good Going...
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    I agree. About time we now exist!
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    Since Mass doesn't have "our own page" I will have to live vicariously through you all in Connecticut !!!!

    Congrats on getting your own page. Hopefully us in Mass can pull this off too. Look forward to going to Conn events if you will have me. One of these days I will meet the immortal Jordanrichard !!!!

  • Now here some real irony. We have our own Tesla page, and MA doesn't. They have multiple Tesla stores and CT doesn't. I will trade you 1 thread on this page for a Tesla store....:-) Say you jman....? :-)

    Seriously though, where are you located jman? ARe you attending any of the "Drive Electric Events" starting this weekend?
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    Hey jordanrichard,

    Totally ironic WE can sell cars to customers, but CONN can't !!! How you guys get this Tesla page, jealous !!

    I am planning on going to Norwich, Conn. Double checking looks like it is from 8am to 3:30, if true I won't be able to make it, working.

    Any other events going on after 3pm or on weekends?? Love to meet some hard core Conn owners !


    Will send you the store down by the Cape for 2 threads please.
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    Live in Central Mass by the way. Setting up a HUGE electric event NEXT Sept or Oct. Will keep everyone posted.
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    There is one just south of the MA/CT state line on Sat Sept 17th, in Somersville CT at 10 am. Somersville is just east of Enfield. The address is 22 Maple St. Somersville.
  • There is also one this Sat. at Harbor Park in Middletown 2-5 pm. It is at a park located next to the CT river.
    Then on Sunday there is an event (Noon to 2) at the student center at Central CT State University.
    On Sat Sept 18th, 10 am is another weekend event, being held at the Middletown high school.

    I will be at all of these events as long as it is not raining..
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