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When the change from 2016 to 2017

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I will soon reorder a new model S to replace the one I totaled on August 10. Web page says delivery in October. Question does any know when the title will change from 2016 to 2017? I doubt there will be many changes made, but the value may drop.


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    Tesla doesn't do model years, so it's unclear when the VIN changes model years. Normally it occurs in the last few weeks of the year, or even the at start of the year. International deliveries complicate this (the added 4-6 weeks to ship the vehicles). The Model X introduction in September 2015 did set all 2015 deliveries as 2016 model year (there is no 2015 Model X). My guess is cars delivered through the end of December will mostly be 2016 model year. Also note that Tesla rarely makes changes on the year switchover like other automakers. Changes occur when they are ready and are not timed to a model year.

    All that said, Tesla could change - we really don't know what they plan this year!
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    On or about January 1st..... Tesla issues ViNs with model year according to when they think the car will be produced. The ViN is probably the only thought they put into a model year. Changes are made on a continuos basis without regard to calendar. The new nose is a perfect example as it started shipping half way between 2016 and 2017......

    I may matter a tad bit when you go to sell the car but, who knows, the used MS buying public may have wised up by then and found out it makes zero difference. It is probably not worth waiting four months just for a newer year ViN; at least my wife and I did not think so when we ordered her replacement MS due next month.
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    I am surprised by your question since this is your second MS. Your car's year will be whatever year it was built in.
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    New Year's Day
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