Advice on Used Roadster

Hi, I found a 2010 2.5 Sport with 41K miles for sale here in LA. Took it for a test drive and FELL. IN. LOVE.

www (dot) shift (dot) com/s/180863

Will obviously get it checked out by a Tesla Mechanic before committing, but curious what you think of a few things.

- Original sticker was $147,145. With 41K miles, does $59,950 ($66,523 drive off) seem high, low, or appropriate?

- Carfax checks out

- Tires are new, rear brakes will need replacement in about a year.

- Two years ago, under warranty, Tesla "removed original battery and load tested due to faults appearing for 12V supply. Load test failed. Replaced 12 auxiliary battery. Tested function, system working as designed." Does this mean they replaced the full battery pack?

- Currently, after a full charge, the "Ideal Range" reads 150 miles. Does that seem low, or about right?

- Front and rear bumper and one rear quarter panel need quality touch ups.Getting an estimate .

- Oh, and they haven't been able to sell it since April, is that concerning?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your time. Reading this forum has been tremendously helpful... and inspiring.


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    Pricing is reasonable and consistent with market.

    The battery maintenance is a common replacement of the small 12 VDC instrumentation battery, not the main propulsion battery. 150 mile range on the big battery is not inconsistent with other cars with that mileage.

    The car being on the market since April is tough to answer without knowing how and where it was listed, who is selling it, (owner or dealer), etc.

    Feel free to call us with any questions. We are Tesla Roadster experts in Phoenix AZ - 800 658-5883 X500
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    Very helpful, thanks, Gru.
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