Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite (TFES) by @bdrathburn

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The Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite (TFES) is a Chrome Browser Extension created by @bdrathburn. Some of the things the Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite does include:
  • Blocks spam, trolls, etc. by searching for selected text and filtering out posts and comments that match.
  • (Used to) Improves styles for blockquotes and preformatted text.
  • Adds links to "1st Comment", "Make a Comment" and conditionally to "Last Comment" to the top of each post.
  • Finally it adds a Google Site search bar to the top of each page—Forums Home, Thread Lists/Main Sections (for example, General or Model S) and each individual thread/Original Post (OP).
Chrome extensions can be added to your browser from and it is maintained on GitHub. This Chrome Extension is simply JavaScript w/ a little CSS and HTML. I have reviewed the code (and written some of it) and have it installed now. The Google Chrome Extension community tracks ratings, usage and any abusive extensions. If you like it, please rate it.
I cannot recommend @bdrathburn's work more strongly than to say, I wish every user of this forum installed it. It would be a great help.
Here is a preview of what it will do for you:

The Search Bar uses Google's site search feature to allow you to find old topics or ensure your "new" idea is not already posted.

Improved Styles

The <pre> tag gets stripped by the forum. I use the class="pre" trick. I usually use <em class="pre">, but any Drupal tag should work. Looking at the list, it seems that strong may be the only other one that makes sense. Here is an example using the <em class="pre"> trick. Make sure to wrap each line.

2016 US Sales YTD Previous Rank*
22,037 Acura TLX 2
00,000 Alfa Romeo Giulia 100
18,499 AUDI A4 3
39,775 BMW 3-Series 1
21,462 BMW 4-Series 6
11,883 Cadillac ATS 9
23,059 Infiniti Q50 10
1,872 Jaguar XE 50
20,560 Lexus IS 4
43,609 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 0

*I made up the previous ranking numbers to add a third column.
This is a <blockquote> tag example. If you install the TFES it will look like this:


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    If you are using this Extension too, please let others here know. Some are unsure of the benefits.
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    The blockquote shows the bar to the left, but the text is still HUGE and centered. That needs work.
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    I got mollom'd after a while using blockquote, bold and strong. I contacted tesla and the it department resolved the issue. It seems I ended up in the bad boy container after using bold or strong on my referral thread.
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    Here's my assessment:

    1. Blocking. I have never had a problem with spam or trolls, so this feature is not useful to me.
    2. Blockquote. Blockquotes are a mess. I found this out the first day I was on the forum and used one. That said, the current version of TFES doesn't improve the blockquotes much (still big and centered) and if it's fixed it will encourage users to use Blockquote more, which will make the forum look awful for everyone who doesn't run Chrome or doesn't know about the plug-in.
    3. First comment / make a comment. Nice, but not huge.
    4. Search is convenient, but I could just type in a Google search myself. It doesn't help people who don't use Chrome or don't know about the plug-in.
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    1. As far as blocking is concerned. Some asked for it, and I needed it. Stick around long enough and you will be glad it's there.

    2. I don't over-ride the existing styles of <blockquote> from Tesla just add the background color and highlight. I can definitely refine the styles. The good news is that quotes outside the OP are not nearly as bad.

    3. Thanks. They are most useful for very long Original Posts like my Tips & Tricks or the Owner's Manual Companion. Also, if posts are busy jumping to the first comment after switching pages can be helpful. @bdr is looking into adding other shortcuts too.

    4. Remember the search is for this forum only. You would need to Volkerize or similar to get the same benefit. Typing searches into Google would become tedious w/o this shortcut (or ones like it) as you would need to include "" w/ each search.

    By definition only those using the Chrome Extension will benefit.

    <img src="/sites/all/themes/custom/tesla_theme/assets/img/forums/hr_dottedline.gif" class="hr-dotted-8 table">

    @Silver if you have contacts for folks that can fix people's issues, that would be helpful. Many people are blocked by Mollom unnecessarily.
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    I can tell you this extension improves the forum experience by several orders of magnitude......
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    thanks @dansplans
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    To search this site only with Google, just add to the search.
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    Well I have the extension installed. Waiting for the grin to set in,
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    Blockquote test in comment:

    <blockquote>How high is the ocean? How deep is the sky?
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    OK, I see the point. Blockquoted replies do nothing in a regular browser, but something with the plug-in. I still think the big problem is that awful formatting of blockquotes in original posts.
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    It seems to work just fine for me. An example:

    <blockquote>If by <em>'flat towable'</em> you mean a <em>'wheels down'</em> towing configuration...? NO. Every Tesla Motors vehicle should be towed on a flatbed or trailer.</blockquote>
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    @kevin wrote, "To search this site only with Google, just add to the search."

    That won't search only the forums though.
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    I tried over-riding the "horrible blockquote" styles, but have not been successful yet. CSS can be tricky!
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    I only use Safari so I can't use this extension, but would it work with the Chrome iOS app?

    A "link to last comment" feature would be useful too.
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    You can search Google using <em>''</em> if you like.
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    @RoofLess the "new" button does that. The "Make a Comment" link jumps to the bottom of the page. @bdr is working on a link that does both.
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    If I feel the need to limit the search to the forums, I just add the keyword "forum". It seems to always work.
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    There appears to be a bug in the search. I'm reading this thread on the General forum. When I typed in a keyword to search, it searched the Model S forum.

    Do I have to update and re-install the extension manually to get new versions?
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    @Jeffrey: I didn't see a "new" button in the extension -- are you referring to the one in the topic list view? If so, that only appears if there are unread replies, and it's not accessible once you're viewing a thread.

    For example, if I'm looking at the first page of a multi-page thread, using Safari on my iPad, to get to the last reply, I have to manually scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the link for the last page, and then scroll down to the bottom again.

    If the extension works with Chrome for iOS, I might try it.
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    Correct I am referring to the one that the forum puts on the OP List page. @bdr is looking into adding one to the TFES. Not sure where he is w/ that. I don't think Extensions work on Chrome for iOS.
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    It searches the whole forum, not just the one section you are on. If you notice the section is not part of the URL so there is no way to limit to the current section. Tesla would need to implement that. Posts can move sections w/o link changing by design.
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    <img src="; width="90%" />

    @kevin, no worries. I may be wrong anyways. Maybe Google will filter by URL like this:

    It's not obvious it will work, but the top-level page does have it's own URL. The way the Extension is working now, does not even try. So that part is correct. But it may be possible to create a "search this context only" function. I'll have to experiment to see what "The Google" does.
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    I was definitely wrong. Check out the differences between these two searches:

    Top-level Only Test:;as_sitesearch=

    Just Forums Test:;as_sitesearch=

    Even putting quotes around the term (Advanced search option for exact phrase) does not get just my OP:;as_sitesearch=
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