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Here is a bit from an earlier post on this topic:

I think an Easter Egg w/ your First Name and Last Initial w/ an icon showing this is your car w/ when/where you reserved would be cool. Like so:

[click here to jump to this car]
Aardvark B.
Cat D.
⚜ Jeffrey R. - Santana Row, 11am

(Only yours would have extra details)

Also it would be nice if they had exclusive paint or wheels we could buy (still pay, but only line-waiters or 1st-dayers could get).

@JayInJapan wrote, "...I read that there will be no special models for M3...."
Correct, Tesla has said there will not be a Signature Edition of the Model ≡ offered. I believe that is in response to media misquoting the price of the Model X as the Signature Edition price. It's hard to correct that type of misinformation once it is out.
We are proposing a way for folks that stood in line (me) or reserved early (OP) to have a little something extra that would be part of the car. Elon has hinted that Line-waiters will get a toy Model ≡ (I'm thinking Matchbox, but hoping for something a little bigger).
My Easter Egg idea would not cost too much, just some software development. But, special paint and/or wheels would have real costs. But Tesla was able to do special wheels for the referral program and Signature Red before so it is at least possible. The custom-etched chrome details would not be too difficult/expensive as Tesla would simply be modifying existing parts.
If they had a special, only-for-early-adopters color what color would you choose? For me:
#1 Signature Red (my wife's favorite color, red, plus her school color; I also like the association to original use case)
#2 Matte clear coat option (like Matte Black from the reveal, but available for any "regular" color; someone posted recently its the coat that makes the difference the base layer is the same)
#3 Navy Blue

Here's Sig Red again, plus my favorite wrap job showing #2 (matte) and #3 (navy blue) combined:


I think I like the "Reserved Edition" best.



For the uninitiated those pictures are

| A | B |
| C | D |
| E | F |

A) "Painted Ladies" near Alamo Square, San Francisco, California

B) GGB, Duh! Taken from northern side of the bridge in the Marin Headlands (not so duh). The Marin Headlands, as seen from the Golden Gate Bridge.

C) Palace of Fine Arts near the Presidio and Marina in SF
Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco January 2014

D) California Coast near Carmel-by-the-Sea

E) Muir Woods National Monument

F) Napa Valley in the Fall (this is February)

And yes they are all w/in a reasonable drive of SJC. Furthest is 100 miles to Napa Valley followed by 78 miles to Carmel taking the prettier coastal route.


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