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Why no live reservation counter on the Model 3 page?

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I imagine that reservations for the Model 3 have continued to arrive (just not in the flood of the first wave of course).

Just wondering why Tesla isn't showing a live update of the reservation count? Is it because:

1) they haven't thought of it?
2) they think it would deter reservations rather than encourage them?
3) reservation rate has slowed to a worrying trickle/stop?

I'm leaning towards 2 - the number is simply an indicator of how long the wait would be so would act as a deterrent?

I really hope it's not 3 :)


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    Bottom line: No upside to the effort to do that. 2 & 3 are probable, but its also just not a value add to their enterprise. Better to control the release of that information, as there is power in that in the domain of a public company.
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    Rob? Is that you?
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    Do you see a counter on the MS and MX pages, displaying how many orders have been placed?
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    There isn't any real value in it for them. It's probably a combination of your reasons 2 and 3, although I'd take out the "worrying" from reason 3.
    Reason 2 because anyone going on there now would see a 400,000 person long line and think - I'll wait until the line gets shorter. Now after the next reveal when they see thousands of other people getting in line they rethink that and jump in.
    Reason 3 because all the shorts out there would point to a slowly increasing or even decreasing reservation counter as proof of the immenent collapse of the company.
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    Don't feed the rumour mill.
    The non-sense written about Tesla and Elon is already out of control.
    Production numbers vs Delivery numbers confuses them beyond believe.
    Giving BOTH GAAP and non-GAAP accounting information and every screams fraud.

    If you really have such details interests in Tesla Motors inner workings check out;
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