Roadster Free Tech Support

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We know how hard it is to reach a Tesla Roadster Tech Support Resource. Often,
you have a simple question which could be answered quickly.

Reaching a knowledgeable live human being can be a daunting task in multi-billion dollar corporations,
especially when you need it most - during an emergency.

When you need immediate advice and assistance, call our FREE Tech Support Hotline (below).
We are fully staffed 7-5 MST M-F and ready to help you and answer your Roadster questions:

Diagnosing Roadster failure alarms
Guide you through an inoperative vehicle
Advice on a wide range of Roadster issues

Our technical experts are available at no charge to you.
We are always there for you and your car. Call or email us.
800 658-5883 X500 - [email protected]
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