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Model S has so many flaws! Quality Control needs major attention!

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Hi all. I'm new to this forum and will try to explain the title of this post thoroughly.

I purchased a brand new MS 90D (159309), delivery date October 5, 2016, with the new facelift. To be more exact, it was a car that was in Tesla's inventory and was located in Florida. Since then it has been in service twice and I question Tesla and myself if the car was actually brand new. After the car was delivered to my service center in Houston, my delivery specialist said it would take a few more days since service had to INSPECT and detail the car. On that exciting pickup day, the rep had me sign acceptance papers before actually showing me the car (my fault, I should have requested to see before signing anything). After signing, we went outside where he opened the trunk to make sure all the charging tools were included. He briefly showed me how to charge after I asked. Then he proceeded to open the driver door hinting me to hop in. I asked if he could go over the functions on the massive touch monitor and he did. He then later got out and we said our goodbyes. After having the car for a week, these are the flaws I've noticed...

Mentioned to Tesla's Service Center.

1. All 4 Tires had "X" written on it. Shows me the car wasn't actually "detailed". No big deal.

2. Front windshield had 2 chips - Asked Tesla if the car was shipped covered from CA to FL and from FL to TX, no specific information was available to them only that they may use cover or uncovered to ship. I guess when "inspecting" the car, they manage to skim over the chips along with the other issues stated below. Informed service about it and at first the service manager said they would polish it down. After receiving the car and noticing that nothing was done, service manager said that it could not be polished down and refused to do anything about it saying I or Tesla could have done it.

3. Front bumper is not aligned correctly with side panel where they meet at the fender (both sides).
Was it fixed? Absolutely not. They said they did, but it just seemed they tighten the bolts to the point where Tesla's soft paint is rubbed off.

4. Silver linings that are in between the windows and doors are not aligned correctly (both sides).
Was it fixed? Partially. The passenger side wasn't perfect, but decent and I left it at that. The driver side looked as if nothing was done. Notified a service rep and he said the part had to be ordered. Waited over a week. Was it fixed? Hardly. Still looks the same as before.

5. Front hood (or the side panels) is/are not aligned correctly where the gap is smaller on the driver side and bigger on the passenger side. Service said they measured everything according to Tesla's safety standards and the front bumper was where it needs to be. They compared my car to 2 loaner cars. The old MS was aligned perfectly and the new facelift loaner had the same issue as mine. Definitely something Tesla needs to adjust at their manufacturing plant. Not sure if my photos do any justice, but it was very obvious to a friend and my brother to point out.

6. Inside noises. When traveling 35+ miles, you would hear creaking noises inside. A technician confirmed the noises when we both went out for a test drive. As for it being fixed? I hear more noises now.

Below are other things I noticed.

1. There are multiple dimples throughout the car, so far 7 and counting. 1 to 3 I can live with, but 7? WTH! Most were located on both back seat doors. Wish I had photos, but there are very hard to focus on with my camera phone.

2. Back bumper looks like it's been repainted and the paint is chipped? Again, both sides. Car was just hand-washed btw.

3. Front and back bumpers are different colors from the car.

4. Next Gen seat. What the heck is that? The car is barely over a month old.

I am extremely frustrated and feel stuck as to what I should do. I know Tesla is still a new company, but for a $100k+ this is not the quality I expected. Looks like they used all the leftover bad parts to construct my car. My mother's new 2017 Genesis G80 seemed of much higher quality build. I'll also add that I opted for the $2500 upgraded speakers. Garbage. When the volume is on 6 or 7, you hear the speakers rattling and the quality of audio is horrible. Makes me question if perhaps Tesla forgot to add the upgraded speakers during manufacturing. I did ask a technician about it and he was stumped and couldn't confirm if they were upgraded speakers or not. Don't get me wrong, the drive is wonderful and being able to not go to the gas station is great, but would I purchase another Tesla? Probably not until they do some major tweaking and maybe adding a seat belt adjuster. I'm 5'3" and the seat belt is literally trying to slice my neck. Do I feel cheated from my purchase? Definitely agree. I spent a lot for this car including the installation for a charger at home. Side note: it would be awesome after each service visit, if service would quit changing my preset functions like the steering wheel handling, turning my app to connect to car off, etc. Where do they find the time to do that being they're backed up with faulty/maintenance cars? Took me a week and half to schedule my first service visit.

Wouldn't be surprised if I found more flaws. These flaws took all the new car fun and exciting feeling away very quickly. This concludes my rant. Are you having similar issues or was I just that unlucky? If you’re considering in purchasing a Tesla, don’t let this post scare you. Just make sure to check and double check before signing anything. Have Tesla fix it before signing anything.


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    "My mother's new 2017 Genesis G80 seemed of much higher quality build"

    Did you make sure to thoroughly scan your mother's car over every square angstrom with an electron microscope?

    If you get up close enough and look long and hard enough at anything, you will find flaws.
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    Sorry you're having these issues. I noticed some panel alignment issues myself, 2016 refreshed MS60D, 9/20 delivery date. But as you yourself stated...

    "Don't get me wrong, the drive is wonderful and being able to not go to the gas station is great..."

    I think that is Tesla's selling point, and that is exactly why I bought mine. When you're in the driver's seat and enjoying that experience, suddenly those minor imperfections don't matter as much.

    There was a thread here recently about who the "pioneers" of the EV movement, and sometimes we forget we're still at its infancy. Yes, the panel fit can be improved, heck they can do a lot of various things like, coat hangers, Carplay, etc. Unfortunately, that's not their focus, and what they do great and what we buy into is the EV driving experience that honestly can't compare to any other vehicle currently in the market.
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    @mrspaghetti Why that reaction? Did the OP not explain thoroughly enough for you the litany of issues?

    @getanne Tesla should make everything right for you, even if it means repainting the car to your satisfaction. Escalate your concerns to the Regional Service Manager. Color inconsistency on bumpers is usually a sure sign of body work having been performed.

    Keep us informed
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    The issues described, that's Tesla. I had no higher hopes as it's new company, fast changes. Fit and finish is not German standard, not Japanese, not even Korean. It's US car, US standard, German pricing, US tech. I do not expect the fit and finish ever to come to German standard, but somewhere Korean. The premium price you pay is for tech, user interface, design, performance, but not for fit and finish. I knew this 2011 putting down the deposit, never had higher expectations for fit and finish.
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    I got a new car in june of this year.
    The whole experience of delivery and customer service was nothing short of great. It surely reached 10 out of 10 score.
    I am very sorry to hear your concerns and that is one of the reason why I don't ever buy from inventory or preowned.
    our delivery specalist kept me abreast with all developments.When the car arrived at my door step the guy who was delivering it was very thorough.He asked me to take my time to see whether I notice any imperfections.I put the car under microscope and did not find even one.Now I am almost 5 months away from that point and still it is perfect.
    I think your issue is more of an outlier that every company has.And I think you got stuck with a bad lemon kind of car which happens across the board in all car industries.I had similar experience when I got my acura MDX few year ago.
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    From experience

    1. The can't do much with your hood as I have the same issue, but mine was built in 2013 and I'm surprised you have this issue though

    2. The chrome alignment is "normal" on a Tesla and I have never seen the chrome lined up right.

    3. The bumper will be slightly different in color than the body itself as it is on most if not all cars. If the bumper itself has 2 different colors then that's not good and the bumper should be repainted.

    The rest of these issues should be resolved by service and if they give you a hard time, contact Tesla @ 1 877-798-3752 and ask for a regional manager to contact you.

    Service will not give you a hard time because they want to, they just will not replace these items without a person with much more authority giving them the ok.
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    "My mother's new 2017 Genesis G80 seemed of much higher quality build."

    Build quality has always been a Tesla weak point, but is obviously offset with many more strong points. Maybe you could trade cars with your mom, and then you would both be happy.
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    We just took delivery of MS #6 a few weeks ago (new production build S90D). Fit and finish has improved dramatically both inside and out. The only nit I had was the lower valance on the right and left side of the new facelift cars feels a bit more like a boy racer glue on than a proper fitting production car item. I'm sure it is in its early iterations and will improve over time. Other than that, we have had ZERO issues with the new car.
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    BTW, @getanne - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sorry we all dove in to problem-solving mode and forgot the congratulatory stuff. :) Welcome to the forum, tons of knowledge from folks in this community - just watch out for that SilverP85Plus guy. LOL

    @lola - congrats on MS#6! This was the one delayed a few weeks, right? I'm glad it's finally sorted out.
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    I have a S90D 2016 Build when I took my Volt in for service my wife drove the Volt and I pulled in with the Tesla the entire dealership came out and went over the car and all they said is it was it's built quality is much better than most other cars they have seen
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    Like some say Tesla does not sell cars by fit and finish and one should not buy one for that either. No one ever mentions fit and finish when rating a jet fighter. On the other hand fit and finish is everything for an Italian or French made handbag. Some companies sell cars like they are selling a handbag but Tesla is making cars more like making a jet fighter. One should just look elsewhere if his priority is more buying a handbag than a jet fighter. That being said I have absolutely no fit and finish issue with my two jet fighters. Wife too even that she also likes her nice handbags.
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    I know what you meant although certain clueless pinheads could never get it.
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    It is possible she got a car that has more issues than typical. But it is also possible (or rather, probable) that the same kind of flaws exist on every other car and she just never noticed them, because she did not go over them with a fine-tooth comb. And probably no one would notice them on her car either, unless she pointed them out or they were weirdly anal. (After all, when's the last time you looked that closely at someone else's car?)
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    @carlk <em>That being said I have absolutely no fit and finish issue with my two jet fighters.

    So, you had no fit and finish problems with either of your two cars but you think those who do should just overlook them. If it's possible for Tesla to get it right with yours, why shouldn't others expect the same level of quality? Or do you think you're special?

    @mrspaghetti Why is it "probable" she just didn't look that closely before? Or it's possible (or rather probable) that the flaws were so obvious she didn't need to pull out the electron microscope and fine tooth comb to see them.

    Maybe Tesla should not depend on people being so forgiving as you and carlk.
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    That's why you inspect BEFORE driving off.
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    @tezzla +1
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    There are times where you can't inspect the car. my car was delivered in 1 1/2 ft. of snow and couldn't inspect it till 2 weeks later. we actually had to shovel the road to drive the car onto my drive way, because the plow had not come by yet.

    There are situation when you don't have time and we don't know what the ops situation was at the time and not our business :)
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    How many miles on it when you got it? New cars can have thousands of miles. That would give you a good indication of whether it was really "new" or not.

    Signing the papers before seeing the car is no problem. You can still refuse delivery if there are issues.
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    If you look at the OP you will note she compares her Model S to her mother's car, which "seemed" to be better quality. I think it is improbable that she went over every inch of her mother's car from 2 inches away, snapping pictures with her iPhone. If she did and found no imperfections, then

    a) she made a valid comparison and is justifiably upset on all counts, and
    b) she is weirdly anal

    BTW, I am not suggesting that she not get Tesla to adjust her trim pieces or whatever. But somewhere you need to draw the line. In the real world things are not perfect and you will find flaws if you are willing to drill down to the nth degree. For example, the little spot on the leather strikes me as completely normal for leather (which is, after all, the skin of an animal and thus not uniform and perfect).

    But of course, it is hard to tell from the picture, so it is certainly possible that everyone who rides in her car, or even walks past it, is noticing that and freaking out like in the Cashmere Sweater episode of Seinfeld.
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    "build quality" and "fit and finish" are 2 different things.

    Tesla's build quality is best (IMO) in market as it is the safest car on the market

    Fit and finish is something they have to work on, but keep in mind, this does not degrade the value of the car. The market knows these issues exist.
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    @mrspaghetti Point taken. Perhaps if your first response was a bit more understanding before being critical I wouldn't have reacted so strongly to you. :-)

    carlk is a different story :-)
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    I went to my garage to compare my car (S60 September 15th delivery) to the picture you posted. My car looks great :). I hope they will fix your issues @GetAnne
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    I think OP paid for a car that shouldn't have these issues. If my newly built (Dec delivery now that Trump was elected and I'm afraid for my 7500 credit so I reluctantly paid $1k for blue paint and switched to tan seats from the gorgeous black paint and gray seats I had spec'd out) 60D has those issues, I'm not going to be pleased. Tesla can't get away with selling cars that do not have proper luxury car fit and finish. Not at these prices. They must complete it in a workmanlike manner or they must compensate me for their failings. They entered into a contract with me (and I with them). I expect them to hold up their end like I will do for mine (pay them their $$).
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    The tech that goes in these cars and the R&D is like no other in the market. They are new (only 4 years) to building cars but they still do it very well. I have seen Honda accords not built well and how many years have they been in the car business? My BMW M3 interior coating wore off (like all other BMWs! How many years have they been building cars?
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    You sure have proved what I said about you. You could never get what people mean unless it's listed #1, #2, #3 as op did don't you?
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