Possible secretary of education???surgeon general???



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    Yes. Or ego. His reasoning skills are certainly wanting on some fronts.
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    @JT. I would disagree withnyou when I say close-minded. I am open to changing my mind when faced with facts.
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    @SCCRENDO - Thanks for your message. Having read many of your posts, I can certainly say the same for you my friend!

    @J.T. - No personal affront taken! And as a matter of course, no personal affront intended :-)

    And going back to the OP, I really find it remarkable that Dr. Carson has cited, of all things, a lack of experience for having declined a cabinet position. Even though he ran for POTUS.

    As a physician scientist, I am still concerned that we can do much, much worse when it comes to filling the role of Secretary of Education- or Surgeon General.
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    As I watch the new cabinet positions unfold I see many who I am concerned about. When I see someone acceptable I breathe a sigh of relief. Nobody exciting has been nominated yet. I think as long as we set our bar low we will get through the next few years. But I guess the bar has been set pretty low for Trump throughout. During his campaign when he read a speech on a teleprompter and remained on message for a few days he was praised as being presidential.
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    @SCCRENDO I'm not sure the enormousness of the task has hit him yet, but I can imagine the look on his face after he makes a decision and he gets blowback from his advisors. That probably doesn't happen a lot in the board room.
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    @JT. In full agreement. He may end up doing a good job. But like most things in life I prefer the serious stuff to be handled by the professionals. This is not the gamble I wanted to take. But let's buckle our seatbelts. It's going to be an interesting ride.
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    If I were the Secretary of Education....

    hmmmm... I had to correct Secretary...

    take 2

    If I were Secretary of Education, I would pass a law to remove all autocorrect from software.....

    there were a lot of screw ups there also..

    take 3

    If I were Secretary of Education, I would punish anyone that did not have a good autocorrect built in their software..

    ok, that's better!
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    son of a!
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    @sccrendope said:
    "But what I do know is that you do not put someone in charge of education who denies evolution"

    Thanks for the reference. But all he said was "I came from God, not a monkey". Are you suggesting that Ben Carson descended from a Monkey? Now that's really a racist point of view.
    Or are you suggesting that he believes God created man and that man was not created from some random accident?

    BTW evolution does not explain the ultimate origin of mankind nor can you prove that evolution was not God's plan. So the simple one celled organism>>>>>>>eventually to man by evolution through God's design and not by accident. Also who/what created the mass/energy just before the big bang ? We assume you believe in the big bang acutally happened.
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    @compchat. I check my facts before I post.
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    Surgeon General obvious pick, Dr. Oz. Celebrity, no public health experience, friend of Trump.
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    You're a Jewish, South African, Liberal, Physician socialist. What a combo. You should be in the cast of the Larry David show.

    But then I'm sure ema is very proud of you. Did you marry a shiksa ?
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    @compchat I find SCCRENDO to be quite pretentious and annoying at times. Some would say that is the limit of his charms. However I don't hate the man. Why do you have such a hate-on for him.

    Are you really such a closed minded bigot/racist as you make yourself out to be?
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    @SCCRENDO - I agree with the letter, and your above-mentioned points.

    I find it remarkable and very predictable the level of ease with which people of means can be so critical of some of the points addressed by your referenced letter. I've come to realize, having observed from numerous colleagues / friends from across the US, that this semi-blinded, semi-ignorant (and in some instances subsequently semi-arrogant) mindset has been constructed with the bricks and mortar of relatively privileged socioeconomic class and social/academic pedigree.

    It's a pre-conditioned biased mindset that is a constant.

    For example, consider the following case study of a dear friend and colleague of mine.

    - She was raised in an upscale family. Advantage for her: learned proper English and upper class etiquette (something kids in the hood/trailer park don't often learn). From here on out, she was also privileged with preventative healthcare, dental care, vision care, organic foods, and love/encouragement from a supporting family.
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    - She was afforded private schooling. Advantage: spoon fed tailor-made education, propped up to excel on standardized exams- her communication skills and etiquette propelled her in this phase, as both tend to get you extra attention from educators. Disadvantaged counterpart meanwhile are markedly behind the 8-ball at this point.
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    I want to complete posting the case study but I keep getting flagged for spamming. Wonderful.
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    @Ethan. Keep it up. It is important for the truth to be heard. Over the next 4 years I can see strong efforts to suppress freedom of speech.
    @McLary. You are a gentleman. You are correct in that we have totally different philosophies etc and disagree most of the time. You share a similar sarcasm and we have made pointed comments at each other. However there is no animosity on my part. Thanks for defending me.
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    You ruined your post when you said:
    "Are you really such a closed minded bigot/racist as you make yourself out to be?"

    I'm none of the above. You can't find one post that would prove I'm a racist!. Sounds like the media attacking Donald Trump. Oh, DT is a bigot, raise, anti-semetic mornon. But when we truly exam the facts he is none of the above ? I'm just a supporter of Donald Trump which is why I am continually attacked by Sccrendope. He has his sights squarely on anyone who supported DT which is my constitutional right as a native born citizen.

    I get very pissed off when these so called supporters of Hilliary march, break windows, set fires, and scream Fuck Trump into the cameras. They stomp on the American flag, tear it, and burn it. Those people are breaking the law and should be arrested and prosecuted by the federal government. There are a lot of laws related to how to properly handle the American Flag. Millions of Americans have fought and died for that flag and it deserves respect. Sccrendo has no respect for laws that he doesn't like. Read his posts (not just this thread) and you will find that he deliberately makes provocative statements in an attempt to foster attention.

    His EMA would be very displeased with him right now.
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    You said:

    I check my facts before I post.

    Okay and what does this reference prove ? What was your point about Ben Carson ?
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    @compchat. My point was that he doesn't believe in evolution. Not the giant of guy who I would want in charge of my grandchildren's education. You say you are not racist. But you do seem a little preoccupied with everyone's origins, religion and race. Just saying
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    Kind not giant
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    @SCCRENDO I cannot believe you are so dense as to think the freedom of speech will be under arrack in the next 4 years.

    Here's an article from Salon about the liberal war on free speech.
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    Oh well>
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    I'm not sure what religious tolerance means in the US. Does it mean tolerant of every religion except Christianity?
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