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    Thank you, @sccrendo. Why do crosses have to come down and mosques are built on college campuses. I'm not being hateful. I'm just trying to understand. Thank you. Peace.
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    People can build mosques wherever they want as long as they do it legally. You can place them wherever you place churches and synagogues. I must say I come across more churches than any other house of worship in the liberal state of California. Where exactly do crosses have to come down. On my drive home I always see a giant cross shining across the freeway. I guess if you want to put them in courthouses and public places they should come down. Worship privately.
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    Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross Controversy
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    @SCCRENDO Secular liberals think saying Merry Christmas is hate speech. They want it stopped.
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    Thank you for discussing with me, @sccrendo. I'm going to excuse myself. My presence isn't wanted here anyway. Thank you again. Peace.
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    @lilbean. It is on public property and thats the point. Nobody is preventing you from practicing Christianity. Build you own houses of worship on private property. People are entitled to object.
    @JT. I am happy to wish anybody Merry Christmas. However lets be real. This is a religious holiday for Christians.
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    I do feel sometimes liberals go a bit overboard with political correctness. I can enjoy Christmas just like I enjoy any other religious festival. We should lighten up a bit.
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    What he said was:
    “I remember a few years back I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist. This guy thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron. As they got to the end of the conversation, you know, he is denigrating anybody who could believe in Creation, I said, “You know what? You win.”

    BTW evolution and creation are not mutually exclusive. I always ask of both sides who/what created the big bang? Where did the mass of the universe come from if not created by God?

    Even Steven Hawkings doesn't have a full grasp of those answers.

    Obviously the Bible is not an accurate history of the world. Nor was the world created in 7 days. However creation may have occured in small increments over millennia. Possibly by God (depending on your beliefs). To date no one knows for certain.

    I have to say your attitudes are typical of the liberal, non-practicing Jew who has no religion but attends Yom Kippur once per year. You identify yourself as Jewish but you want nothing to do with the Jewish religion or the Bible except as it relates to shedding your sins. Fess up, did you attend Yum Kippur services ?

    Your fanatically liberal views are a way of coping with a denial of your Jewish roots. In essence, you are revolting against your ema's kosher rules. Perhaps you didn't like washing two sets of dishes when you were young. Or perhaps you just had to eat bacon or shtup shikses. Or perhaps you are still angry at the Moyle. For all these reasons you have been brain washed into hating Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a history of being Jewish friendly and has several Jewish son in laws and grandchildren. He is not a racist or bigot. I keep asking for examples (in the past 10 years) of his racism, xenophobia or bigotry. So far, all the liberals on this site have provided none.
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    Quite a rant. Not sure if there are specific questions there. But I will attempt what I think are questions

    1. The big bang makes scientific sense at this point. Could indeed be one of many big bangs. Does not exclude God but not necessary for the hypothesis. It also creates the problem of explaining God. Who created God and how does got create things?

    2. Again with evolution, the bible is certainly not a literal explanation. Does not exclude God but again difficult to disprove a negative.

    3, Who says I have nothing to do with the Jewish community and for the record did attend Yom Kippur Services but what difference would that make to you?

    4. I don't deny my Jewish roots. If you follow the forum and frankly you seem to have stalking me it should be obvious that I have never hid my Judaism. I am liberal because I am a compassionate human being who abhors bigotry and injustice and relish personal freedoms.

    5. I dont eat kosher. Laws made sense at the time but are frankly outdated

    6. I will ignore your Moyle statement as part of you angry rant

    7. I don't hate Donald Trump. I just abhor what he stands for which are bigotry, racism, misogyny. I dont think he is qualified to be president. I am frankly more shocked at the people who voted for him.

    8. Donald Trump reminds me of those who state "some of my best friends are ....". He only has one Jewish son-in-law although Marla Maples daughter is dating a Jew. Trump and Bannon are haters of many including Jews however I dont believe that Jews are at the top of the list. But let us not forget the lessons of history. I strongly condemn him for any group he goes after.

    You want examples. Look what I found on a quick google search
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    @SCCRENDO When I used a source to answer your claims about who was more likely to declare war on freedom of speech I made sure it was a liberal source because as we all know you have to consider the source.

    Now, I do not support or join any comments made by compchat but using the Huffington Post as a source against Trump is a bit easy don't you think?

    For example: Here's a link to a Michael Moore comments about Trump supporters and racism.

    And, if you've ever seen the show Avenue Q you'd know that it's widely accepted that everyone's a little bit racist. :-)
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    Politics, abortion and religion on a car site--fine. But puppets?! That's a bridge too far. Can't we all get along?
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    @JT. He asked what evidence I had that Donald Trump was racist and that was the first source that I found that answered the question because his claim was that there is no evidence. If this was a scientific paper I would have looked for the actual video where he made racist statements. I as a liberal stand by the Huffington post article. I never said that all Trump supporters were racist but a believe a segment are. Indeed some are even posting on these boards. I do realize that most Trump supporters held their noses and voted for him as their preferred candidate got eliminated from the primary. My own opinion is that any vote for Trump in the election ends up as a vote for racism, bigotry and misogyny. Hence I like most liberals will give him a chance to make "america great again" but not if he uses bigotry, misogyny and denial of human rights to achieve it.

    @bighorn. I object to you characterization of MIchael Moore. Even JT thinks he is worth quoting. I don't always agree with him. Bot sure if you saw his latest documentary movie. It was a plea to vote for Hillary and Hillary was not his favorite candidate . But he called this election exactly.
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    "Not" not "Bot"
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    Here's the danger, as i see it.

    There's a story that "that CONFIDANTS (my emphasis) to the president-elect are discussing proposals to reinstate a registry for immigrants from Muslim countries."

    Then there's this; “President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false,” transition spokesman Jason Miller said.

    There's an episode of Star Trek Original series where in order to heal a fractured and flailing civilization a Federation cultural observer thought a Nazi type regime run benignly might help the splintered planet unite and become a growing, productive society.

    It was working until sinister underlings co-opted the movement and turned the government into one of hatred and racial purity, declaring the need to exterminate the culture on a neighboring planet.

    This is the problem, this is the danger.

    If the Trump administration is peopled by those who believe that we must sacrifice our freedoms and liberties in order to secure safety then we could find ourselves on a path to a country and a world I don't think any sane person wants.

    We must be vigilant. We have to look for any indication that things are moving in that direction and be ready to stand up and resist.

    Just for the record, should the government ever institute some kind of list of registered peoples of any religion I will get on line and sign my name. This type of thinking can not stand.

    But, if there are no actions taken in this direction, if there are no efforts on the part of the government to segregate and persecute any particular group, if the fears of the minorities turn out to be unfounded and only a reaction to the left's worst case scenarios then we must all just take a step back and allow Trump the chance to show where he wants to take the country.

    I only hope the members of the Democratic Party have more respect for the process than the imbecilic Republicans do.
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    @Bighorn Bob, of Chuck and Bob fame was the most honest puppet I've ever seen. :-)

    @SCCRENDO >>>>>I never said that all Trump supporters were racist but a believe a segment are.

    Can you go so far as to say you believe that a segment of Hillary supporters are racist

    And what did Bh say about Moore?
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    @JT. The Democratic party is a diverse party so there is no accounting for how they will behave. I for one believe in being vocal but not in being destructive or violent. In fact reading your last post I would say we are totally on the same page. The only difference is that Trump's statements and racist line totally excluded any consideration of me voting for him. He is presently selecting a cabinet that supports his election rhetoric. This is a time when I hope he doesn't keep any campaign promises. However it will be what it will be. One can only hope that when he crosses a line congress and the justice system will have the will and the power to reign him in approporopiately. Just saw this interesting link related to the previous post;data-campaign=641bdec394&amp;data-pub=<<+Test+publisher_preferences+>>&amp;utm_source=viz&amp;utm_medium=viz.referral&amp;utm_campaign=viz.ref.8175&amp;utm_viz_id=e6blIvxB56l&amp;
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    @JT. Not sure this instagram link will work but I it is worth trying it
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    Exactly JT--what did I say about Michael Moore?! Nothing, best I can remember. He's not anybody's puppet. And for the record, I would totally go to Bert and Ernie's wedding.
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    Soap was a great show.
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    @Bh This was my favorite Soap moment.

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    The soap opera is only beginning. Don't want to laugh too hard.
    @JT. Yes I am sure Hillary had racist supporters but they were more likely to found among the Trump crowd
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    I had forgotten about that show, thanks for the link, it was hilarious.
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    Great skit JT. LOL
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