Omaha to Kansas CIty

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I need to travel from Omaha to Kansas City on Monday. I have a model S85 with 19". The speed limit is 75. Temperature should be low 50's. Can I make this drive from the CBluffs SC to KC with driving at our near the speed limit? Do I need to hit the CHAdeMO in St. Joseph?

Please let me know your actual experience. evtripplanner seems to think I will use almost all of my battery.




  • @dpolino,
    I'm sorry if you've already done this trip. I don't check this forum much. You'll probably have to do some economizing including reduced speed and reduced use of heating but it should be doable. Be sure to 100% range-charge and pre-heat your Model S in CBluffs. Set your GPS to the KC Supercharger and watch your estimated range, slowing down so that the range remains higher than the distance with a little (10 to 30 miles) safety margin.
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    Thanks for the advice, I ending up hitting the CHAdeMO at Hyvee in St Joseph's. 151mph charge rate and bathrooms broken up the trip nicely.
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