2016 Supercharger Map

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Looking at what was projected especially along I-64 from St Louis eastbound, will Tesla meet their goals? And when will the 2017 map be posted?


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    I asked about the 2017 projection map a while back.

    Rumor has it, " coming soon "
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    I emailed Tesla about this very topic and await a response. I'll post what I find out.
  • How long does it take a Model S/3 to fully charge. Assuming about 20% capacity when beginning.
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    Sorry...using a destination charger...
  • Sorry...using a destination charger...
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    Good question wrong thread
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    Wait, Tom Servo? Isn't that the robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000?
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    The charger map is updated regularly. In other words it isn't printed annually. Go check the charger map and click on the station in question to find it's status.
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    This map seems to be more accurate than the Tesla Charger Map:
    See fine print below Tesla Map.. no promises here.. just a plan....
    "The map above is a representation of the corridors we plan to enable and the timing thereof. Exact locations and timing may vary."
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    @Jonchynoweth - while off topic.... answer is:
    somewhere between 20 and 29 miles an hour depending on local power provided to the charging station.
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    Given the progress in 2016, I would say that the map for 2017 is the same as for 2016. And at the end of 2017, it would be VERY nice if they can finish half of what is projected in the 2016 map. Broken promise!
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    Given sites under construction I would say they are about 6 months behind. I think we should appreciate the fact Tesla is about to complete the network others have not yet even started.
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    STRAIGHT FROM TESLA REP: Thank you for your support of our company with your Model 3 reservation. In regards to your supercharger question any location are updated at this link:
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