Lease Transfer

edited November -1 in Georgia
I'm considering letting my 2015 Model S 70 go. My monthly lease payment is only $838 due to a bit extra that I threw at the lease origination. I'm curious if anyone in the Atlanta area might be interested in taking over the lease and throwing some portion of my down payment back my way. I can provide more details if there are interested people in my area. Here are a few highlights:

15K / year lease
Current mileage - 13,500 (well under allowance)
21 months remaining
2015 obsidian black MS70
Grey leather interior - original gen seats
Hifi sound
Pano roof
T-Sportline dark grey wheels (have original
Wheels in boxes which will be needed to return the car)
3M Crystaline tint

Would like to know if there is interest and what amount you may be willing to throw my way to make a fair deal.
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