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What is Autopilot Hardware 1

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The Autopilot upgrade disappeared on my page until today it's back "Autopilot Hardware 1"


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    I suspect they were just making things clearer now. since Autopilot 2.0 is out, and in a few years there will be AP 3.0 etc.
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    My S90D is only 2 mo old so what version will I get if I upgrade to Autopilot?
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    @nipper, Do you have the AP 2 hardware?
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    Nipper, if your car has visible cameras in the B pillars-- the vertical black areas between the front and rear door windows-- then you have the AP 2.0 hardware and will get the advanced autopilot. Otherwise you will get the original autopilot.

    An easier way to tell, though, is to look at the charge for the upgrade on your page. If it's $6,000, then you have the latest hardware and will get AP 2.0. If it's less, then your car has the older hardware and you'll get AP 1.0.
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    You have AP1 hardware. You know this because that's what you have access to activating. This is the Autopilot that has been out for the last 15 or so months. AP2 hardware was only being put in cars starting in late Oct 2016. For more info on AP2 hardware, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving see the Tesla blog post from Oct 19th.
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    Even though people around here have been calling it Autopilot 1 and 2, Tesla has been calling it Hardware 1 and Hardware 2. I don't know if they refer to the original S as Hardware 0.
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