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CPO Purchase Experience

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I love my car. I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of the buying experience.

I decided one day that it was time I pulled the trigger and bought a model S. I have two model 3s on preorder but I've always wanted the model S and the CPO program was a way for me to get into one while staying married.

I didn't decide to buy without serious hesitations. A CPO is still an expensive car and I needed to determine if I should reasonably buy such an expensive car, sight unseen. I browsed the forums and noted the huge majority of CPO purchasers had stellar experiences and received pristine cars. That, along with a fantastic bumper to bumper warranty gave me the confidence needed to put down the deposit.

I tagged two MS on the CPO site that I liked and kept them open in my browser. I went to bed to sleep on the decision, woke up and decided to buy. Both cars had been snagged overnight. So I kept looking and the next one I found was the MS I would have speced new had I ordered it. All the upgrades I wanted, none that I didn't. I immediately put down the deposit. I never really dealt with anyone from sales at this point.

The waiting had begun. My sales advisor contacted me via email in a short amount of time. He gave me some information and I requested pictures of the car and the sticker. He provided both within a few days. Everything looked good. I asked about the possibility of picking up the car as I live in Las Vegas and the car was said to be in San Francisco. I was told they needed to go over the car and refurbish it first. Ok.

3 weeks in and I requested to know the status of my car. I was told by the sales advisor it was in Las Vegas. I contacted my delivery specialist but he said he couldn't find the car on the lot. I waited a couple of days and drove to the store. No answers- it's not here. They finally found it back in California. It was undergoing intense refurbishment and they like to do that in a city with a Tesla factory so they have all of the parts readily available. So I was told.

Another couple of weeks and the car is in Las Vegas! DS sets me up for a Saturday delivery barring any huge problems during their final inspection. Great! Friday before delivery I get an email: Mr. S great news! Your vehicle is in great shape for a used vehicle. HOWEVER, our inspector noticed some things that must be rectified before we deliver. It needs to go to a body shop, the wheels have road rash, and a few other things. I'll make sure the body shop prioritizes your car so you get it ASAP.

Next conversation, he tells me two weeks at the body shop. Now I'm frustrated. I ask him what the heck they were doing for 4 weeks in California if none of this had been addressed. He could only tell me they did something to the roof.

2 weeks go by. I don't hear anything so I call. They aren't finished. I wait till the following week- the car is now back at Tesla. Good news Mr. S, your car is getting a brand new windshield!

Hey! I'm delighted that something else is wrong with the car and you guys have just now noticed it nearly 2 months in. He tells me windshields take an hour or two to put in so it shouldn't hold up delivery. He'll make sure they do it by Friday and set me up for a Saturday delivery barring no other items show up. Oh, by the way Mr. S, more good news is that your trade-in estimate has been finalized- it's for InitialOffer minus $500 for the additional mileage you've put on it. I tell him that's crap and that I assume the Tesla is depreciating too. More on this later. Friday comes- I call to check status. No answer. I leave a message. No call back. I expected another delay but at least call me back and tell me what's wrong now.

Monday comes- no call. So I call midday and he arranges a firm delivery date for Thursday.

Thursday comes and he calls to confirm delivery. In the middle of this conversation he tells me: good news Mr. S.! (Damn, what now?!) We've finalized your trade-in value so we'll be all set when you get here for delivery! Oh yeah? How much? InitialOffer minus $1,000. I'm pissed. I argue. He puts me on hold and comes back- good news Mr. S.! We'll honor the initial offer minus $500. Swell!!!!

I get to the dealership. The car looks great but it is nighttime and hard to really checkout the car the way I should. I'm pleased with everything for the most part. I notice the interior driver's side door is pocked up from the previous owner's ring. After telling the DS about it, he consults his service manager. Apparently this isn't something that they would cover normally for a CPO, but they'll take care of it because of all the hassle I've been through. I had to bite my lip. I'm paying $60k+ for a used car I didn't even get to see for 2 months- I really don't think this is asking too much. They screwed up some documents. We wait another hour for them to call back another notary. We sign and get ready to leave.

My wife asks someone about a Tesla hat. They are out of stock. She says something like "darn, we should have bought it several months ago during our test drive but the sales person recommended waiting until we received our car because owners get 25% off." The Tesla sales rep then states that they don't offer any such discount for owners at their store. Of course not.

Love the car! Even in the daylight the car looks great but I notice that the T emblem on my steering wheel is flaking badly. I fiddle with it and slice my finger open. I email my DS. He states this is normal wear and tear and not something they take care of. But great news! He got it approved but it is the FINAL due bill item they will fix. (Wow, all 2 of them!) 'Final' was bold in his email. I wrote an email back stating this should be warrantied under bumper to bumper but didn't send it- not worth it.

I love Tesla. I love the car. Against my better judgment I bought a used car I hadn't seen based on all of the amazing stories I read on these forums. One person was given a Tesla goodie bag which included 2 jackets, hats, etc because of the trouble he had to deal with waiting for 4 weeks for his CPO!!! After 8 weeks I couldn't even buy a hat at full price!

Apparently, mileage varies greatly.


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    reminds me - Neighbor bought a used Toyota and the dealer tried to sell her an extended warranty for $1,800.
    She decided no thanks. While at home reading the owners manual a card falls out that says something about this being a Certified Pre Owned car. She had no idea what that might mean so she phoned the number on the card.
    "You just bought a Certified used car and that means you have a 4 year (I think it was 4) limited warranty".

    Yet another reason we all love car dealers.
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    that was me :)

    "One person was given a Tesla goodie bag which included 2 jackets, hats, etc because of the trouble he had to deal with waiting for 4 weeks for his CPO!!! After 8 weeks I couldn't even buy a hat at full price!"
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    no hat though :(
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    Which dealership silver?
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    Paramus, nj
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