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Using Blink charging Stations

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I just download the app for Blink charging stations there is an application for free membership which involves entering your credit card information with the membership they offer a lower cost per kilowatt hours just wanted to get an opinion on using those charging stations as an alternate for the Superchargers


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    Blink is SUPER expensive compared to chargepoint (47 cents per KWH, 37 cents per KWH member price; vice 22 cents a KWH) locations at least in Florida. I am much better off going 20 miles out of my way for a supercharger.
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    Blink is the most expensive charger I have ever used & have no intention of ever using it again. In my opinion, it is like paying $4.00 per gallon for gas.
  • Not only that, but Blink has been letting the maintenance go on a high number of their chargers - I haven't kept an accounting of the issue, but it seems like more often than not, they are out of order, and so can't be counted on.
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    blink is terrible. stations are usually 'on the blink.'

    that must be where the name comes from.
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    I signed up for chargepoint, evgo and blink when I bought my first EV. I've never used blink because there is always one of the other two available for a lower price. I would recommend you get a plan that does not have a monthly charge unless you plan on using that network for a lot of charging.
  • Blink is really expensive. $0.02 for 30 second means $2.4 per hour. A level 2 connector's charging speed is 18 miles per hour.

    That means $2.4 18 miles.
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