Chicago Botanic Gardens Sticker

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Anybody have experience with the Chicago Botanic Gardens parking sticker? Does it work just fine in the lower driver side corner? Or does the windshield block that RFID sticker?


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    They usually just visually wave you in. I don't know if the RFID of the sticker is even used. I've been there 20-30 times and never had an issue.
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    Maybe you are right. I'll ask at the booth the next time I'm there.

    We had a sticker without the RFID backing, should have tried that before we turned it in for replacements.
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    Croman - guess I should have asked - you applied the sticker to your Tesla and they wave you in? You said 20-30 times, wasn't sure if you've had your Tesla that long.
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    I haven't -- I had a leaf but the same deal applied. I've been 3 times since I got my Tesla and it was the same deal -- they waved me through.

    BTW, I scraped my old sticker from the LEAF and brought the remnants to the front desk area and they gave me a new sticker. If anyone is in the same situation, call them before doing this to ensure they can have a new sticker there.
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    I just show my ID card and they scan and wave me through
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    Seems to work for me.
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    Wow, so this took me a long time to finally visit the Botanic Gardens.

    Bottom corner of windshield, driver's side. Tuck the sticker as close to the edge as possible. The tag can be read through the windshield - even through the RF blocking area.

    In fact YES they do read your sticker every time you drive in. If the windshield blocked the signal, they wouldn't wave you in. Somehow their reader works far better than the Indiana or Ohio Tollways.
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