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Waiting time for Cali hov stickers

I sent my form the first week of January and have yet to see any movement (the cheque hasn't been cashed). Has anyone who submitted around that time received their stickers? I keep worrying that the form was lost on the mail or something. Is there a number I can call to ask for info?

Being on this futuristic car makes this process feel like it is from the Stone age. :(


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    It took about 4 weeks for mine.
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    They are slow. Took over a month for me.
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    @SolidWhite60DX - Yep - at least a month. Waiting on my second set as well. Remember they have to type in all the data from the forms onto punch cards so the 1970s era computer can process it.
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    Plus enough coal to run the generator
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    Ha ha! good responses. It was tough waiting to get the plates, then waiting to get the stickers. Ouch! Easily 4-6 weeks for the stickers. Sorry, Solidwhite60DX. Once you get them, you will be sailing away in the HOV lane!
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    They cashed the cheque early this week. Maybe they process them only once a month? Hopefully I'll get them this week. Interestingly, I sent the request for the PGE rebate only and got a cheque in the mail a couple of days after. Perhaps they should privatize the DMV?

    OTOH the hov lanes on the 880 or 680 don't move that well anyway.
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    Solid: FYI Do you have the new Fastrak FLEX transpnder to go along with your HOV stickers? You'll need a FLEX to use the Express Lane on 580 even with the White stickers... and I think they're retrofitting this requirement onto 680 as well. (I know the 680 sensors recognize the FLEX set to 3 and correctly NOT charge you, where as they do charge a normal Fastrak transponder car even with White stickers.)
  • Received mine today. Six weeks since I mailed the check and forms.
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    Yea about 4 weeks for me...
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