Solar roof in Canada

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I live in Canada and I am planning to change the roof on my house in the next 2-3 years.

Does anybody knows when the solar roof should be available in Canada?



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    I haven't the fanniest. Try Tesla Canada. They might have something.
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    if the timeline is anything like the cars it will be 6 - 8 months after it is generally available in the US. My guess would be mid to late 2018. Don't forget they are planning a staggered roll out of different looks of tiles so even though the a Tesla roof tile is available the style your looking may take a bit longer.

    The good news is you have plenty of time if you don't need to replace your roof for a couple of years.
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    Ok excellent! I haven't found any info about the release of the Solar roof, even for the US.

    Tesla should really make "starter pack" for customers with Model 3, solar roof and powerwall!
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    Sure, with a 30% discount on everything. ;)
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    I suspect wind works better in Canada than sunlight to produce electricity, right?
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    IMO, for a residential use, solar is the way to go. Here in Quebec, we have hydroelectricity which is clean, efficient and not to expensive. But again, I'd really like to have an alternative source of energy for my house for a 1-day backup but mostly to become more independent energy wise. I have 26 years old and I've decided that I would not buy any gazoline equipment for the rest of my life so I have to adjust and prepare my household!
  • scarface: I'm also in Quebec and for now my municipality forbid completely solar panels, bunch of oil-age idiots
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    Really? Where do you live? I don't even know if i'm allowed! Is this because Hydro-Quebec is forbiding it?
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    @ Brando

    Wind is almost always better than solar, regardless of geographic location. but the terrain is much more important for wind than it is for solar. You can put a solar panel almost anywhere and it will generate power. The problem with most wind turbines is they only work when the wind is above a minimum speed and below a maximum speed. Good consistent medium wind speeds require mountains or an ocean to create the temperature differentials to generate enough wind. Most of Canada is reasonably flat and is a ways away from the ocean. So Solar makes more sense in most locations.

    The problem with Solar in Canada is not the lack of sunlight but the difference in summer vs winter power production. In Summer i get 17 hours of sunlight, in winter about 7. So do I buy enough solar to power my home during the winter and have too much power in the summer or size it for the summer and have to buy power in the winter? Not to mention the added complication of snow.

    In a place like Phoenix the differential is much lower. 14 in summer and 10 in winter. So in addition to needing a smaller array it is Much easier to size the system. buy one sized for winter and then in the summer the addition of A/C will take care of the extra power generated by the system.
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    The snow shouldn't be a problem if the solar tiles from Tesla works as they have been advertised. But this is still to be proven!
  • I live in Edmonton and am very interested in the potential for a Tesla roof because I need new shingles within the next few years and the Edmonton area has moderate solar potential with an average ~3 kWhr/m2/day, but obviously big potential in the summer months. In fact it is one of the better spots in Canada for solar PV installations, except for the southern prairies.

    However, I can't find any information about whether the Tesla roof is in the process of obtaining the necessary CSA and ULC approvals so that these can be installed in Canada and covered by my home insurance? I tried contacting Tesla but got no response. Anyone know about this?
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    How does one have too much power? If you have the battery pack, then that gets charged, otherwise you're running whatever appliance is in your home that needs power. If there's excess, many municipalities allow you to sell the excess capacity back to them. At worse case, I guess power is being generated and not being used, is this what you mean?
    Of course this is simply the status quo (we're wasting sunlight right now)
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    No one can give guarantees of good weather, the number of sunny days per year indicated in the reference book is an average figure, and in practice, the values often differ from the average.
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    Also, no one can predict when, or if, the Tesla solar tiles will ever actually be available. I wouldn't hold my breath.
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