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X90d Post Delivery

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Took delivery of our X90D 5 seater on 16 Feb. It was raining quite heavily that day in SoCal and hated to take a brand new car out in that horrible weather.

We only had a few issues with it:

Build quality was pretty good. It wasn't as good as an Audi, but no body panels needed refitting or adjustment.

We had a couple of marks on trim pieces. One on the matte silver just below the large display, and a second on the right rear door jamb.

Steering alignment is off. It pulls to the right. I checked the tire pressures and tested on multiple roads in opposite directions to rule out crosswinds and road camber. I thought it was very odd for a new car to be out of alignment.

Air conditioning doesn't seem to be working. The compressor is not activating. I thought this was another odd problem for a brand new vehicle.

Has anyone experienced the same? What other problems have come up during RECENT deliveries?


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    I had no problem at all when I took delivery! Did you get answer on A/C? What was the outside temp? How do you know compressor did not come on? The other issues should be quick fixes.
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    The A/C compressor issue is quite unusual... You might want to check the custom climate control settings drop down to make sure the A/C (custom switch, Owner's Manual pg 115) is ON. When I was new to my Model S, I also noticed the A/C compressor to be inop after a service appointment. It turned out they had left the switch off for some reason, and I was unfamiliar with that custom settings pane...
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    Same here on a Model S loaner. I thought it wasn't working and saw that the switch was off.
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    I had a problem with the rear AC system not blowing differently on driver side rear as I raise the fan speed. It has been fixed.
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    I saw the AC PBI before I left home. It warmed up whileni was out of town and thats when my wife tried the AC. I immediately thought about the AC PBI, but she said she tried that and even called tesla. The app shows the interior of the car at 98 when it really around 80 and ovasionally the driver door closes when we step on the brake pedal and a little message comes up saying its not supposed to. I think we have some funny software issues. It goes in on the 8th for the alignment, AC, and cosmetic issues. The alignment bothers me the most.
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    Wife had the car set up properly with the AC PBI selected on. SC found that the system was over charged and it diisabled itself to prevent any damage. Works beautifully now.

    They realigned it and it drives perfectly straight now. However, the front suspension now "clunks" when backing up with steering near the stop in either direction. Going back in for that and one other cosmetic issue soon.
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    The clunk when backing with steering at or near the stop turned out to actually be in the rear. The noise was coming from the rear axles at the spline where they connect to the rotor. This is not normally lubed as the slip spline portion to allow the axle to chnage length as the suspension goes through its travel is on the inside.

    We just have a couple more small cosmetic items to clear up, but all mechanical issues are solved. Just enjoying the car now!

    Car was at both the Buena Park and Cathedral City SCs. Both great, but the Buena Park facility is stupid busy; not surprising considering that it is at the intersection of two major freeways in the LA Basin.

    At one point we had a P90 for a few days. It was fully loaded. Was great to play with the autopilot and other features and compare to the way we spec'd our X90d. It reaffirmed that my choice of options were perfect for me. I let my neighbor drive it and a few people stopped and asked me about the car. I think I sold a few more Teslas. Haha. If anyone is looking for a used P90 fully loaded titanium with tan, only 11 k miles and no bugs it should be listed in used inventory soon.
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    My MX100D's alignment was off from the beginning. There was not a single body panel that didn't have any issues. The FWD doors made loud noise while opening/closing. I dropped it off at the SC after 3 weeks of taking delivery. It's been sitting in the back parking lot of Dublin, California SC for last four days. I don't know when they will start working on it.
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