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Hello All,

I just picked up my car two weeks back and went to the local county tax office to get it registered. Tesla did the inspection and gave me the inspection sheet to take to the county office. All new cars in Texas get a two year tag when new. Looks like Tesla Dallas service center screwed up and did the wrong inspection. My tag was given for only one year instead of two.

IS it only me or did others in Dallas experience it as well ? I tried calling Tesla but it went to a VM. IS there any way to correct it ? DO let me know.


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    Was it new new or inventory? Not sure it makes a difference but i only got a one year sticker. Men was new inventory.
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    In my ordered July 15, 2016 delivery of my MX, there was already a inspection sticker dated to expire in June of 2017, so just one year.

    I think this has to do with prior registration in Ca, but just a guess.
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    Mine was one year too? Its no big deal the inspection is only ~ $7.50

    I purchased mine in June of 2015 and renewed last May.

    Looking for second inspection this comping May ... No big deal
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    We picked up our new S 100D on Tuesday from the North Houston Service Center, and were told they had registered the car and done the inspection.

    Just checked the car - no inspection sticker... Wonder if they have to wait until they get us the license plates - or they just forgot to put the sticker on the car.
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    Never mind - the inspection sticker now comes with the license plate...
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    Starting last year, no more inspection sticker. Just keep your inspection report/receipt in the car.
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    You do need to double-check and make sure the SC has done the inspection and given you the inspection document you need to take to the tax assessor's office to pay your Texas registration fees and get your tags. (Yes, the inspection is also supposed to be online so the county tax office can find it, but it's even better to have the paper in hand.) I was charged for the inspection (only $7.50) but in the rush to deliver my S the inspection at the SC got overlooked. It rarely happens but there you go. I had the choice of going to my nearby local gas station to get a quick inspection and get my tags or drive the long way back to the SC for the inspection and then back to the tax office. I gladly paid twice for my state inspection by going to the gas station. As said above, no big deal.

    (By the way, the DS and SC reps couldn't have been more apologetic or nicer about the small mistake.)
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