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Supercharger Cost to Build??

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Does anyone have an Estimate-Guess on what a Supercharger station with 8 SC cost to build excluding land.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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    A long, long time ago Tesla stated it costs $250,000 for a Supercharger (2012?). It was never stated how many stalls, and it was presumed the land was not included. It's not even clear if this included the permits and installation labor (which varies wildly by location). My guess is the costs have come down as volume increased. A total wag today might be $100K for 2 stalls, not including land. Perhaps someone else has a better source/estimate.
  • Thanks, it's a start.
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    For best estimates, contact Tesla and state your interest for becoming a Super Charging location. I'm sure that they will be more than willing to provide you with more accurate pricing.
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    Let's put a little detail on the number. Here is WAG for starters. Cost experts can add, subtract and modify to suit.

    Labor: Electrical contractors 8 manweeks-$40,000
    4 high voltage/wattage converters-$60,000
    8 stalls $40,000
    Site prep/paving $20,000
    Wiring Utility connect $20,000
    Site aquisition/legal $10,000

    Total $190,000
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    I think the $250,000 came from looking at their financials - dividing supercharger cost by number of supercharger locations.
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    The city of every major and serious tourism location should have a supercharge station installed and pay for in order to attract business.
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