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Model 3 or Model S

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I still don't know, waiting to see the final details on the Model 3.

I did go for my third test drive today in Scottsdale and managed to finally get my wife to go along. It was a 90D with pretty much all of the options I would get, although I would probably get the 100D. I've always been impressed, but was nice to finally get my wife's impression(which was good). Nice smooth ride(as long as I didn't punch it) and quiet. I think she was more impressed with the interior room(especially when the back seats are down) and the frunk.

Still leaning towards the Model 3, but nice to have the Model S to fall back on.

On a side note I mentioned a certain statement by a troll on this forum about the lack of a towing package on the Model 3 and he was quite adamant that the troll was indeed wrong if not outright lying, but I think we already knew that.


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    Yes we all knew that. ;-)

    the interior space was a big part of what sold us (well, my husband, as I was already sold) on the model S. We had been shopping for cars with moderate cargo space - crossovers or wagons - and then husband walked by a Tesla store and saw the rear hatch opened. The model S had way more room than anything we were looking at.

    The Model 3 will be much different. To me it's really applies and oranges. We'll have one of each - and they will be very different. Model S is really big - and expensive. And the Model 3 will be smaller and have less space - but more space than my comparably sized Lexus, I expect. So do you want a big sedan with tons of space, or a mid sized sedan with more space than it's competitors? And do you want to spend significantly more money. lol
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    Yes and yes.

    Prefer a smaller car, but we do a lot of traveling and the Model S will be a bit more comfortable on long trips. Our current long distance car is the Prius V. Can really only afford one right now so both are out of the question, unless my wife decides she wants her own.

    Good news is either is wife approved.
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    @Alaska have you given this old thread a peak?

    Lots of great ideas and guesses up and down the comments.
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    Pretty clear that money isn't much of a factor in this decision. Let's not forget that the Model 3 MAY NOT be equipped with ALL the bells and whistles that Model S or X answer the OP's question, definitively get the Model S P100D loaded!!!
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    That may also depend on how long you want to wait for your Tesla. :)
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    Thanks for the link. Really looking forward to when I can actually compare the two cars.
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    I don't really need a performance model and I don't mind waiting. House won't be complete until Jan-Mar next year.
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    They are different models with different characteristics, for different owners.
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    I've actually on more than one occasion perused the pre-owned Model S listings though about just getting one instead of waiting for the 3. The factors that made me decide to wait:
    1. I actually prefer smaller cars
    2. I like the idea that in the future (3-10years?) it will be fully autonomous. No AP2 pre-owned ones yet
    3. I like simplicity and elegance so I actually like the minimalist design of the Model 3 cabin
    4. I could afford a new Model S but I am cheap. The Model 3 will be cheaper than a used S.
    5. I plan to keep the car for at least 10 years so I want the newest tech. (Well, the Model 3 will be my 11th car in 17 years just for me personally so I don't exactly have a great track record for keeping cars long but I'm going to try because of #4!)

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    I also prefer smaller cars, but we also like taking road trips. That's in a Prius V currently, but the S or X would make S a road trip a little more comfortable than I think the 3 would.

    We also have a dog that travels with us and again the slightly larger S or X would allow more room for other dog related things.
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    I do prefer smaller cars for maneuverability in traffic, parking and presenting a smaller "target" for other drivers. But I must admit I like the roominess and cargo capacity of the S.

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    I think you should get into any tesla vehicle as soon as possible. If you get a model S, or a model X, you will be able to jump the line for your second car model three.

    As far as road trips go, I think that the model X would be the best car for long distance travel given it has the best seating position, and cabin comfort.

    Model S is a close second, with the model 3 having slightly less room for people and stuff.

    From the safety factor alone you shouldn't wait. And you can monetize your vehicle(s) on the Tesla Network to reduce/elininate ownership costs.

    Think of the children . . . ;-)
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    Thanks for the links Rocky.

    Unfortunately Sam only one Tesla at this time, unless the stock market makes a good run. Not in a hurry since I won't have a place to park it until next spring.

    Model X has more room and would make a good touring vehicle.

    I like the looks of the S more than the X and it also make a good touring vehicle, just a little smaller.

    The Model 3 will make a great car for shorter trips like LA to SFO, but would want a larger car for cross country.

    Good news I have time to decide.
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    New Model 3 will be in the same price range as Used Model S

    Fully Optioned New Model 3 will be in the same price range as New Model S60D

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    Our house that is just about to start construction has gone up significantly in price, so the decision is probably already made just not by me.
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    I love the Model S. I really loved the one I had a test drive in, but I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of cheese on a car. I could get a loan for one, and I'd enjoy the car, but just not a sound financial move for me. Even if I could pay cash for it, I still don't think I could part with that much for a car. I'm not talking the S 60, obviously.

    I considered it for a while, but I think the 3 makes more sense for me. It's a personal choice, but I completely get the house thing akgolf. I've been there.
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