Need to register for toll exemption on I-95 Express Lanes

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The I-95 Express Lanes in SE Florida don't charge tolls for certain vehicles, including registered EVs. Until recently, I thought that obtaining a FL HOV registration entitled you to the exemption, but it turns out you have to register for the Express Lane exemption here: http://www.1800234ride.com/commuter-options/registration-renewal-information/95express/95-express-hybrid-registration. Note that there's no charge for this registration, but you need an HOV registration to register for the exemption.

Once you get the exemption (you'll be notified by mail), you're not supposed to mount your SunPass transponder when using the Express Lanes, otherwise you'll get charged. Unfortunately, that only helps people with windshield-mounted transponders (like me).


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    Good to know. It's unfortunate that you have remove the Sunpass transponder which I cant do as I use a mini one.
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    so I have asked sunpass staff about this as I wanted to do this as well, and I was told that if you have a non-removable sunpass (I have mine mounted behind the nose cone) what I was told was that I could get the sticker... but then I would have to monitor my sunpass... and if I got charged for 95-express charges, I could have those charges refunded. the cost to benefit ratio did not work for me because I use 95 express lanes maybe once a month.. so to have to go back and then review my sunpass statements to see if/when those charges would come in.. seemed like more time than the 75 cents that I would pay to use the lane.
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