Alternative Fuel Plate

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Is there still an advantage to getting the alternative fuel plate. I got my license plate in the mail (registered by Tesla at delivery) and it was a regular plate. I had heard the free peach pass would be ending soon. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    EEEEEK where did you hear that free peach pass would be ending soon. That is the ONLY reason I pay extra for the AFV plate. You can also use the HOV lanes inside 285 as a single driver no / passengers with it too.
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    @Boonedicks. I was asking more than saying.
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    @Boonedocks I am sorry for the typo. I don't know how to edit it.
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    @richard_lawson WHEW!!! I was really afraid you had some inside news I hadn't heard. I actually did research it a bit and can't find any reference tho so we should be good for the foreseeable future
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    For a few more years. Then a flood of EV cars hit the markets, GA lawmakers see their revenue streams drying up in peach pass HOT lane, and turn our green plates into ashtrays...
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    When I bought mine last Fall, the linked website said that the free use of HOV and HOT lanes expired 9/30/19. It now says 9/30/25. I've seen no other information about it. I think we would have seen something if the rules or law had changed so I'm going to rely on this.
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