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Solid Black Model X

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We are deciding right now between the Solid Black color and the Midnight Silver Metallic color for our Model X order. We love the look of the black color in the model X when it's clean, but we worry we'll have to wash it all the time to keep it looking good. Does anyone regret buying the solid black? How often do you feel you need to wash the car in each season?


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    Go with the silver.
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    Black is great--my wife has an Obsidian black S. Just get your car protected with an aftermarket coating like cQuartz or OptiCoat Pro. Expensive but worth it.
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    Thanks JPPTM. Can you tell me where you got it done and approx. how much was it? Based on a quick search, they seem interesting, but I can't find any pricing info at all, even in these forums.
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    I got my black Model S for 5 years and black Model X for few weeks (original paint, no optional coatings). I've been doing car washing every month which keeps the clean look pretty well.
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    svento--check out Joe at OCDetailing in Fremont:

    He has done like 1000 S and 200 X so far (plus lots of other cars) and is a real pro. Not the cheapest but IMHO no-one is better.
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