Upgrade to Charcoal Grey 21" OEM Tesla Turbines RIMS and tires - Make me an offer

edited November -1 in Texas
MY email is [email protected] I have 4 OEM staggered 21's Turbine rims in the more desired Charcoal Grey. Staggered of course means the back rims are a few inches wider which really give the car a mean impressive look when looking at it from the rear. Rims are like new except for a minor scuff or so that has been touched up and is not visible when looking at the car. I have 3 Michelin ps/2 tires that are 33% for the rears and 40% on the front. Why dont I have the 4th front ? I had a screw go into the side wall. I am working on getting a dependable 4th tire for you and will have it soon. Make me a reasonable offer . I just want them out of my way. Keep in mind that brand new rims and tires are $6000 on the tesla website. Im looking to get some where around a quarter of that or best offer. Vj (817) 668 5397
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