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Rattle Noise in Suspension

edited April 2017 in Model X
Anyone out there with a Model X notice a rattle noise when the suspension is in the low setting? I took delivery of my Model X four weeks ago on March 27th. Driving home from the dealership I noticed a rattle noise while driving at low speed. A week later I took my Model X back to the dealership to address the rattle problem. It is still there! They replaced the rear struts but the noise did not go away. There technicians also road tested 2 other Model X's that they had at the dealership with VIN's close to mine and they also had the rattle. My vin ends in 38302. Last Friday, after weeks of diagnosis, they say that the replaced rear struts are also defective. New struts are due in tomorrow. We'll see if that solves the rattle noise. I hope so!
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