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CPO purchasing experience

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I am trying to buy a CPO and I can't get anyone from Tesla to return my calls. Anyone can share experiences? Are the prices in the internet set non negotiable? How long do they take to deliver. Is the pickup location always California?


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    There are CPOs located all over so nope, not just Cali.

    How long they take to deliver will depend upon where the exact vehicle you want is currently being kept.

    The prices, from what I understand, are calculated based on a formula. I haven't heard of anyone negotiating from the price listed online but that doesn't mean you can't ask your delivery specialist.

    Who are you calling? Call either your nearest service center or the one nearest where the CPO is located and tell them you are interested in buying VIN xxxxxx that you saw on Tesla's CPO page.
  • thanks PhillyGal for your recommendations.
    The CPO guy in my area has received like 3 emails requests from different people at Tesla with indications to contact me.. I still have not gotten an answer. I guess they are not interested on getting my business.
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    Easier said than done I realize but try not to get frustrated with the CPO guy in your area. He's just one person. Maybe on vacation or something.

    Try to call your local store yourself. Can't hurt.
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    Non-negotiable and can take up to a month or 2 depending on the work needed to be done to make the car near new again.

    I had a great experience and got the car in 1 month
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    prices are non-negotiable, but they do have inventory they do not post online. Cars at at their locations. Depending on the delivery location you may or may not be charged a delivery fee (US is divided into 3 - east, midwest, and west - delivery in the same area is free).

    My experience - I called the number and on the website and that person set me up with he CPO advisor via email (his original email response was quick). My CPO advisor emailed me that same day, we set down wants/needs and a few questions. He called me back that same day.

    I do know there are only a few CPO advisors for these large areas. Mine, Brent reiterated to me that they get a ton of email/phone inquires and because of their limited time can really only focus on those that are ready to buy now (and not within the next few months, etc.).

    Dunno about your CPO personnel - maybe on vacation, maybe working on other cases or it could be, with your wording, may not have the time yet to contact you back. I would just keep at it. They are human and have work hours too.
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    Thanks Pipceli. I finally got answer.. now I need to find the right car. Which one did you purchase? did you get the extra 50K miles guarantee? tks
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    All CPOs come with the 50k bumper to bumper limited warrantee and the remainder of the 8 yr unlimited mile warrantee on the DU and battery.
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    4yr/50k warranty
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    If you can got to your nearest SC and see what they have available there.
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    @Nhora_stellav: I ending up getting a smashing deal. My criteria was quite strict but Brent found 3 vehicles meeting my exact criteria minus a few amenities. My CPO:

    2013 Model S 85 w/ 49,000 miles: green metallic (the color I REALLY wanted), tech package, air suspension, rear facing seats, pano sunroof, dual chargers, black leather, obeche wood matte. Price was $48,500 which is insane for an 85.

    The mileage didn't bother me much because, like all CPO cars, it has the 4 year 50k bumper to bumper. The car had some blemishes (previous owner did use it alot an with kids), but I am ok with the random scratch in the interior or scuff. It still looks gorgeous.
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    Just met my friend to whom I sold my first model S. it has now 50000 miles, drives as new, driver seat as new. Interior driver b pillar cover is the only thing worn out.
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    Just go through a regular sales guy they can look up inventory. They may not be 100% as knowledgeable but they can still look things up.

    In the NY area we use to have a dedicated person but he left 6-9 months ago and I don't know if he's been replaced. I tried a regional guys a few times and never got a call back, despite 2 calls and an email so I stopped trying.

    Good luck.
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    you must be talking about Earnest, he was pretty good.

    tell your friend to contact service about the wear on the b pillar. I've read a few threads about this issue and service had replaced the worn piece as a 1 time courtesy
  • @pipcecil what a deal. , when are you getting yours. ? Where are you located?
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    Ok..thanks all for the helpful comments.. I just placed my CPO order.. can't wait.:)
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    3-6 weeks is the estimate I received for my CPO order.

    Heads up, if you change your mind, you lose your $1K deposit. I switched to a different VIN 9 days after my initial order; had to deposit a separate $1K, plus clock starts over.
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    3 days prior to scheduled delivery, I called to verify my delivery date (26 June)(6+ weeks from ​
    reservation on 5/9/17) was still valid, and I was told the local techs noticed an issue with the battery, which required a full battery replacement; made me wonder what the CPO vehicles go through in those 6 weeks. No new timeline was provided for delivery; sales rep confirmed the replacement battery arrived by end of week 7.

    I'm currently @ week 9 for my CPO order, i haven't received any update for about 2 weeks, and i can't get the delivery specialist, or the regional CPO sales rep to return my calls or emails for an update on the vehicle.

    I know they're getting my messages/voicemail, because i asked for a rental or loaner the week of my original delivery date, and the service dept called me to pickup a nice rental from Hertz this past saturday.

    I would cancel the entire deal, but then I'm short my original $1K deposit (​4/28/17), plus the second $1K deposit when i switched to a different CPO vehicle on 5/9/17.

    I'm not impressed with this process or their level of communication. Does anyone have the contact info for someone up the chain in sales or customer service?
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    Flagged that spam from markjanez775650.
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    @SlyB, if they cannot deliver the vehicle in the timeframe you contracted for, you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit. However, since Tesla provided you with substitute transportation at Tesla's expense, I think you'll have a much harder time.
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    @rxlawdude. Good points.

    Talk about coincidence, i received a call a few hours after posting my last comments. Apparently there was also an issue with the new replacement battery, so a second new battery has to be ordered.

    Doesn't really explain 2 weeks without any response or update, especially once we blew past the initial 6 week window. More to follow regarding new new battery back arrival and hopefully vehicle delivery.
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    Just purchased a CPO and my experience was perfect. No problem reaching anyone, delivery ahead of schedule, car is perfect. I had a post delivery follow up call to make sure I am happy. I am sorry you are having difficulty. Hopefully the situation will improve for you.
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