Highly Recommended TX Charger Installer: Smart Charge America

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Do not call any electrician other than Smart Charge America. I have had electric cars since 2014. I have worked with multiple electricians over the years to help with my charging needs. The first one I worked with installed a 240v outlet in a place that made use of the charger impossible! That was a waste of money! Having learned that lesson I decided to work with Smart Charge America. They are 100% focused on the installation of electric car charger installation. Their process is incredibly streamlined and it made it super easy to work with them.

They installed a 100A Tesla Wall Connector as well as a BMW WallBOX charger and both have worked great for years. They gave me helpful advice that was truly unique. They are by far the most knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs. They install all over TX as well.

-Longer warranty than anyone else 3yrs+
-FREE charger relocation for when you move
-FREE use of their ChaDemo Adapter
-Tesla's #1 Charger Installer



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    Sounds like a free advertisement for that company.

    Before I expose my information and all the photos requested (front of the house?? really?) for the quote, what did they charge you for your install?
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