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Inventory Model S or New Model 3

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Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is going well. I had a question I was hoping I could get some insight for from all of you. About a week and a half ago, my wife and I went on a Model S test drive. We drove in a P90D with 21 inch wheels. I loved the car and was surprised at how comfortable and quiet the ride was considering the tire size as I was always told that the larger the wheels, the rougher the ride. I also thought the car would feel bigger than what it was. I mean, I know it is a big car, but sitting in it, it did not feel that large, especially on the inside in the driver's seat.

Anyway, I got a call today from a Tesla Rep asking me my thoughts about the Model S and I told him that my wife and I liked the car very much and spoke about the possibility of purchasing a Model S. I told him that the Model S is out of my price range and I do not want a CPO as I would like to take advantage of the tax credit. He informed me about the Inventory cars that they sell, where I can get a practically new Model S at a reduced price and still benefit from the tax credit. This option sparked my interested and I told him what I was looking for in a Tesla.

I know that I would not be able to get all the options in the Model S that I would in the Model 3 due to the Model S being a more expensive car. I also told the rep that I doubted he would be able to get me a car with the new front end in my price range, but if he could I would definitely think about it.

My question to all of you is this, would you purchase an inventory model S knowing that some options would be missing but you would get the tax credit or would you get the Model 3? I mean, I know the Model S is the "better" car, I guess it would be cool to have it, I guess it would best to see what he is able to find before I make a decision and also to wait till July to see what the Model 3 will offer and the cost of those options.

Thank you all for your time and options!



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    Life is short and you'll be waiting a long time for a Model 3. I don't think they'll have inventory cars with the old front since they transitioned so long ago. I doubt the 3 with your desired options would be a step up from a stripped down Model S. Just make sure it's not financially imprudent.
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    +1 Bighorn.

    The model S has a ton of cargo space, if that's important to you - more than the 3 ever will. And remember software upgrades like EAP can be added later.

    I don't remember where you are in line, but the Model 3 will be out in a couple/few months, hopefully, for at least employees so I expect there will be a ton of press shortly. You could always see what those initial reviews are and decide then, if you're not sure. But you won't be disappointed with a Model S.
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    Another thing to consider is keeping the reservation and selling "your" Model 3 to someone that cannot wait. There will be storm of interest. You might even find someone who is willing to let you make a decent profit above the tax credit.
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    If you can get the one with AP2 HW, go for it. Otherwise it's better to wait for the 3 (unless you really need lots of cargo space or 7 seats).
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    I agree that you should wait and see what the options and pricing are for the Model 3 to see if the delta between the two is worth it or not. The answer to that question is different for each person. We're in the same boat but until we have all the facts, I don't want to make a decision (especially at a Model S price point) without every bit of information I can find. Inventory models get you the tax credit, usually a discount (like the price reduced to make autopilot free or something to that effect) and the owner referral discounts for $1000 off also apply.

    To @JeffreyR's point, it is something worth considering as well. Although you can't sell your reservation, you could buy a Model 3 and turn around and flip it. Although not the best practice it is a potential option. That being said, you can't get the federal tax credit if you sell your Model 3. There's a specific clause in the tax credit that prevents resale so if audited you would have to have proof of ownership as of Dec 31 to claim the tax credit.

    It'll be interesting to see what options are not available and how much each one will cost to get a complete picture. Hopefully they release all of that in July or maybe at the shareholder's meeting in June so we can all start planning.
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    Buy an inventory Model S. That will push you ahead in your wait for Model 3. Then buy Model 3.

    All your problems are solved. You are thinner, better looking and your hair will grow back.

    And so it goes. . .
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    Bighorn is always right.

    Buy what you want, what you need, what you can afford.

    Be happy.
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    Are you saying they're selling inventory models at a reduced price? I've yet to see one.
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