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I have a 2010 Roadster that I bought a few months ago. Shame on me for not doing a thorough job of researching the pros and cons of owning one.

I love the car, but there are no service stations close by (I live in Naples). The closest one is in Dania Beach. Another problem is that I can't use any of the Super Chargers. My car is not compatible with them. I have to get towed to the East Coast of Florida (Dania Beach) for the most minor of services.

Rangers are in demand and not readily available, and even if they can come out quickly, they don't have the knowledge or parts to work on a Roadster. Does anyone know of a mechanic in the Naples area who knows about Roadsters and can fix one?

Also, does anyone know of a way to actually get an adapter that can be used for a Roadster to charge at a Super Station?

Thanks for any help.

GT in Naples


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    Roadsters are not compatible with SuperChargers. The batteries were designed before SuperChargers were designed. They batteries just cannot handle the load.
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    Tesla has an upgrade package for roadsters so they can have increased range and use the superchargers. I remember seeing it on the options section of their website. However the otice is around 30,000 since the battery oack needs to be removed and updated.
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    @Thomas.Bournique. The 3.0 upgrade is for the battery only. It does not enable the vehicle to be supercharged.

    The 3.0 battery goes to approx 340 miles of range and is $30k.

    GT, there are not many that maintain Roadsters outside of Tesla. Depending on the issues, you're pretty much limited to a Tesla.
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    The Roadster charges with AC wall power and has an inverter that converts AC to battery DC power just like the MS and MX. The difference in Supercharging the newer Teslas recognize that the Superchargers are putting out massive amounts of DC power and route it directly to the DC battery. The old Roadster was never set up for that.
  • check out JDemo for CHademo "supercharging", which is compatible with the Roadster
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