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tesla motors expansion in New York State

edited November -1 in New York
New York Bill If Passed Would Allow Tesla Stores to Quadruple -

Please see the above. I have already emailed and called my NYS senator (Ranzenhofer (716)631-8695) and Assemblyman Norris (716) 839-4691 in strong support of the above Bill introduced to the assembly by Morelle out of Rochester. Please write, and call your local senator and assemblyman to support the expansion. Between the Giga factory II in Buffalo and the expanding ownership of vehicles as well as the expansion of supercharger stations in New York we need to let our leaders know their constituents support this expansion!! Please email, call and stop by the offices if possible. I love Tesla vehicles and the idea of the company in general. I think New York, like California, can be a leader in the area of renewable energy and electric transport just as California is in the West. You can look up your local representatives on line. The automobile dealers association in New York State is strong and if we are to get this bill through our representatives need to know you have an interest! Please push for the expansion of Tesla Moors in our state so we can help lead our nation into a cleaner and more innovative future.

Thanks for the help!



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