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cellular data plan?

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so i heard the model S requires a data plan after four years. how much is it going to be and what are the details? is Tesla going to require a minimum data plan for self driving? do we need to go to AT&T to buy the data plan or go through tesla?


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    Nobody knows.

    This question has been asked and answered and discussed ad nauseum on this forum. In fact multiple recent threads. Lurk a while before you throw down a question like that.
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    It is unknown because Tesla started the 4 year countdown less than 4 years ago. Tesla has stated that they do not intend to make a profit and will merely pass the data plan cost on to the owner.
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    @DLebryk i did. there is no search function on this board and i searched manually 10 pages of topics. none of them talk about data plans (I searched the term data and cellular in the subject). googling shows mixed answers back in march where some have said the data is for life while others have said 4 years of free data.
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    Any vehicle purchased on or prior to jan 1 2014 supposedly expires on jan 1 2018. After that date it's 4 years from delivery date. No info on model 3 as of yet.

    CPOs get 4 yrs from date of delivery also.
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    Given the the cellular connection has become bi-directional in value - (i.e. it benefits Tesla as much as it benefits customers) I believe Tesla just considers it part of doing business. If they make it optional -some %'age of customers wouldn't do it - and they'd complain about the price - all the while Tesla would lose that enormously valuable fleet data for some percentage of the fleet…right now the whole fleet is covered and they can get everything they want…

    also if you start charging for it -there will in inevitably be a review of how much data is being sent and people don't want to pay for the data Tesla is gathered - they only want to pay for their usage…

    I'm willing to bet there is an argument to be had that it's cheaper to just pay for the data and keep all the cars fully connected - than it is to deal with the issues once you give the customers control…there is certainly an opportunity cost argument - there would be some amount of software engineering to keep customers sufficient control and modify the system software to be more tolerant of not having a celluar connection (and I"m not talking temporarily like driving through a no-coverage zone)…

    strangely enough the day Tesla starts discussing they will be successful enough that they really don't need to recover the costs - i.e. they will be comfortable passing these costs onto their customer base as an established and profitable company - right now it's just not a priority and small potatoes compared to what they are trying to pull off.
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    @dortor - Tesla can still collect data if an owner elects not to renew the plan. Tesla would only pay for the data they collect, which is likely minimal (Supercharging access). AP data from a 4 year old car is not likely very useful, especially when they have 100K+ other cars providing data. You may be right that Tesla will further extend the plan just for convenience. To keep the Model 3 costs in line, I expect a much shorter "free" period, where they have the costing and payment collection systems worked out.

    Owners also have the option to connect via WiFi to a phone's hotspot, and piggyback the owner's phone data plan. That allows all the connected features and no payments to Tesla. This feature is available to all Tesla owners already.
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    I can already piggyback off my phone, but even if it came down to adding a dedicated line just for that, I could pay an extra $10/month and use an old smartphone, so I can't see Tesla charging even $10/month, given that adding the line on my own would give me a hot spot that I could take with me that's of more value.

    What would have made the most sense would have been to have put a flap somewhere near the center console or glove compartment so there's easy access to the sim so people could use any provider they wanted.
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    Tesla won't charge for the data connection for the S/X. Makes zero sense to nickel and dime their premium customers. See how successful pay as you go SCing was. Which is to say, um, not.

    Nobody knows anything about the 3.

    Anyone with dashcams can benefit from a hotspot - AT&T charges $20/mo for a free device with a separate bucket of unlimited data (throttled at 23GB as with their other unlimited data plans, not including the 10GB tetherable add-on).

    This effectively gives you 33GB of tetherable laptop use as well, net of dashcam consumption each month. Somewhat useful if you work out of your car or want to work somewhere with a nicer view.

    Note Elon's postulation about wifi hotspots later on. Again, the potential for a different business model or maybe just another differentiator. I expect the latter for the S/X. Don't care about the 3.
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    @SimplyRed that's page 15 on a different board.
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    Ask your question again in 6 months, that is when the first wave of owners would be in the position to be charged for internet access.

    I suspect that cost wise to Tesla it is "mouse nuts", like electricity for the superchargers.
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    I can't believe Tesla won't continue to pay so that it can collect data for its cars, and in particular EAP and FSD. I read an article recently that the data Tesla has collected to date is worth $16 Billion to WAMO (Google) in its autonomous driving development effort.
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