Cooling Front Seats in Model X

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I am told by Brandon Tesla Service Center that both front seats in Model X can not be air cooled . They informed me that there is only a small fan that pulls the air from seat and back.
I remember, when I first purchased the vehicle 6 months ago, it use to air cool the seat and back. Three months ago it stopped, I took it to Brandon Store. After checking they told me, it is working fine.
Yes, you can hear the fan sound but it does not cool the seats or back. On my request, Brandon Service Center, Assistant Manager sent me in writing that nothing can be done ???
Worst part is, I tried even after cooling the compartment, it does not even pull cold air through the seats though I never got convinced with Assistant Manager's answer on this.

Can anybody suggest or I should be calling / getting in touch with TESLA company to resolve this issue.


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    I don't know if it is just cabin air or actually chilled, but either way, the air certainly dries up the sweat on my back quickly and feels cool.
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